Mahakumbh 1st July 2015 Written Update

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Mahakumbh 1st July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mahakumbh 1st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maharishi talking to Garudas and Dansh. He says balance is needed to maintain life, they don’t have the purity which is needed to cross this door, so they can’t go through the door, if they want to try then they have to answer his questions, decide who will give this test. Shivanand looks at Rudra and says he is heart of

Garudas and answer from heart is always right, you did duty as Garuda head and I trust you. Rudra says he trusts him more than himself. Shivanand says he is Garuda brain, and Garuda head can get info from him, but they need knowledge and patience. Tiwari says I agree. Dansh says but I don’t agree, you all are forgetting naag head is also there, I m very clever and proved to you all.

Shivanand says you are clever, but also blind in ego, Maharishi is going to question us and tells about him. Dansh says he is the one who controlled Garuda’s mind. Shivanand asks whats the deepest in the world. Dansh smiles and says darkness. Rudra says mum’s love. Dansh asks why. Rudra says because sunrise can tell depth of darkness, but Lord could not know depth of mum’s love. Rudra says pure answers are needed to cross the door. Dansh steps back. Rudra says he is ready for the test. He looks for Maharishi. Maharishi appears and says there are few rule for the tests, come to know it.

He shows his face made in the ice mountain. They look at him shocked. Maharishi smiles and disappears. They get on the ice slabs on the mid of the valley. He says now they can get the rules, he will ask 7 questions, every question will have 4 parts except the last one, they will proceed with right answer and ice slab will slip if they answer wrong, and only the chosen one should answer him, if anyone else answers, the ice slab will be gone. They all look at Rudra.

Maharishi asks the first question, who is mightier than earth, jhigher than sky, more directionless than air and more grown on ground than the grass. Rudra answers mum, father, heart and lastly our worry is more grown than the grass on the earth. He explains his answers. Maharishi smiles and says he is glad to hear this answer. They see the other ice slab coming their way. Dansh tries to step on it and stops. He smiles and asks Garudas to come first. Maharishi asks the second question, who is the best friend of a traveler, good homely man, ill man and dead man….

Rudra recalls his life journey of Udiya Baba, Maai Mui, Maya and Punnu, Charles…. and says a traveler can be friend of a traveler, and wife will be friend of a homely man, a doctor will be friend for an ill man, who can know the root of his illness and friend of a dead man is his charity nature which makes him satisfied to leave life and makes his death easy. Maharishi asks on which basis is he saying this. Rudra describes his answers and explains him. Maharishi says he is satisfied with his answers. They move to the third question slab.

He asks them what sacrifices can make person get loved by everyone. Rudra says Ego. He asks what sacrifice can make person get rid of pain, Rudra says anger. He asks sacrifice by which a person gets completed, Rudra says his wishes. Maharishi asks by what sacrifice does a man gets happiness. Rudra says his inner greed. Maharishi gets glad and asks them to move ahead.

Maharishi asks Rudra what is the biggest achievement, wealth, benefit and happiness. Rudra says knowledge, education, health and satisfaction and explains him. Maharishi asks them to proceed and shows the next ice slab.

Dansh talks to Dakshak. Dakshak says if he makes any mistake, Garuda will not leave him, if Rudra knows he is not the last Naag, I can’t save you from Rudra. Dansh worries.

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