Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th March 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Madhav looking for Chitra’s diary. Vaidehi says I have an idea, you can remember those things and narrate, I will note down the memories. Madhav smiles. Dadi asks Vaidehi is she reviving Chitra’s memories, she should have her place in Madhav’s heart. Vaidehi says I think I should know about Chitra, maybe she also wants this. Chitra smiles and says I want new relations to take old relations’ place. Nilambari gets a nightmare and gets up. She drinks water. She sees a bangle and recalls the fire incident. She keeps the bangle back.

Vaidehi notes down when Madhav narrates. He says I also remember our childhood moments. They recall. Vaidehi says we will write about your and Chitra’s first meet. Madhav says no, I will not mention it to anyone. Vaidehi says you

are afraid that someone will learn it, diary will keep it safe, I won’t tell anyone. He agrees and tells her about meeting Chitra for the first time. FB shows Madhav hitting an old woman by his car. She screams. He goes to help her. He says I have come here to meet Chitra, my marriage alliance talks are going on. She scares him about Chitra by speaking all the bad qualities. She asks him to go and see Chitra if he wants.
Madhav says if she can look so pretty in old age, I have no objection for marriage, Chitra. He smiles. FB ends. Vaidehi asks how did you know she is Chitra. Madhav recalls seeing Chitra’s pretty face. Tera hua…..plays….. Chitra asks how did you identify me. He shows her bangle. He says this bangle suits you a lot, I have seen this in pic, I would have identified you even without this bangle, by your eyes, your eyes are so pretty, none can forget it, why were you instigating me against marriage. She says I can’t marry a stranger, how to know if you deserve me, you have to take up a challenge. He accepts her challenge. She shows a bucket. She asks him to extract cow milk. Vaidehi asks did you tolerate the dung smell. Madhav says just think what I went through, then…. He recalls fulfilling the challenge with much difficulty. Chitra laughs. She asks him to give her a challenge. Madhav says I had to give her easy challenge so that she wins. Vaidehi says you made me do the same thing in childhood. She recalls and smiles. Madhav says Chitra lost the challenge and her heart as well. He recalls Chitra. Jitni dafa….plays…. She falls in his arms. Madhav says we got sure that we are made for each other, then we united forever, she became my wife and my life also. Vaidehi cries.

Nilambari meets the tantric.

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