Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th March 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vaidehi getting the snake. Nilambari says you always mess up things, so I asked Shweta to get the snake as well. Vaidehi goes. Rani goes after her. She gets the snake box. Vaidehi gets the milk. Shweta smiles. Pandit says the milk is spoiled. Shweta recalls adding lemon in milk. Nilambari scolds Vaidehi. Shweta says don’t worry, I will get good milk. Madhav looks on. Vaidehi says I shouldn’t trouble Madhav. She checks the milk and says this looks good. Nilambari says puja would have ended if Vaidehi did everything well. Vaidehi comes and says this milk is fine, you can use this. Pandit checks again. Madhav says we shall go ahead with puja. They get the snake. Snake drinks the milk. Everyone prays. Shweta gets the milk. She sees the snake drinking milk and sits aside.

Nilambari scolds her for always coming late. Madhav completes the puja. Pandit says snake puja got completed, now the last phase is tough, you can lose your life in this, you have to drink poison. Madhav agrees to do anything for family and Chitra’s sake. Everyone gets shocked. Pandit says no one has dared to do this puja before. Nilambari thinks if Madhav dies, my dream to get his property will be ruined. Vaidehi goes to room and cries. She prays for Madhav that he stays fine. Dadi comes to meet her. Vaidehi says Madhav is ready to drink poison, how shall I stop him. She shows the Rakshasutra, which Madhav didn’t wear. Dadi says you are his Rakshasutra. Vaidehi recalls how she used to protect Madhav in childhood. Madhav takes the poison to drink. Chitra worries. Everyone looks on tensed. Vaidehi comes running and stops Madhav from drinking the poison.

She throws the poison. Nilambari thinks its good Vaidehi dropped the poison, else my plan to get Madhav’s property would have got ruined, Vaidehi can’t get saved from Madhav’s anger now. Madhav asks what are you doing. Vaidehi says stop it, let me speak, they all are happy in front of your stubbornness, you think this is great thing, you are being selfish, if anything happens to you, we all will die, you just think of yourself, you forgot many lives are linked to you, don’t you love anyone, your dad, they all love you, now I have lost right to be called your friend, I m not your friend now, I just did what my heart told me, you can decide it now. Shweta calls someone and says just do it now. Rani jumps happily and asks snake to go. Vaidehi goes to get the box. She gets bitten by the snake. She faints down.

Madhav sees Vaidehi and worries. He sees the snake bite mark on her hand. He says snake has bitten her. Shweta and Nilambari smile.

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