Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th February 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mishri saying I got lost when I forgot the way. She doesn’t name Kunika. She recalls the promise made to Ira. Pushpa asks her to take anyone out next time when she goes out. Kunika says maybe Monu got scared of me. Kunika asks Monu not to tell anyone about her. Mishri cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Akhilesh says no one will go out alone from this house. Vansh and Mishri agree. Ira says I will sleep with kids to keep an eye on them. Akhilesh goes. Mishri goes to her room. She thinks of Akhilesh and tells Ira how Akhilesh has bashed up the goons. Vansh says he is action hero. Mishri says I m glad that Akhilesh asked me to take his permission, just fathers say such a thing, he is like my father.

Ira says don’t start this again, why am I not enough for you.

Mishri says you are best Maapu. Ira says you have me, your friend has one hand, does he always cry that he doesn’t have any hand, what if you don’t have a father, you have a mother, is this not enough, some people don’t even have a mother. Mishri says don’t get sad, I m very happy with you. She caresses Ira. Mishri goes to take Akhilesh’s permission for brushing teeth. Akhilesh says you don’t need to take my permission for everything, just go. Mishri says I have to do an experiment. Akhilesh asks will this harm anyone. Mishri says no. Akhilesh says then do what you want, spare me. Mishri thanks him and goes. Mishri thinks to tie her one hand and work with only left hand. She fails to get toothpaste on brush. She goes out and tells Pushpa that he wants to see how my friend Lallan manages life with one hand. Mishri struggles to do her work and eat food. Akhilesh sees her. Mishri says this experiment is imp for me. Pushpa asks what’s happening, stop it now, have food. Mishti says I will eat. Akhilesh helps Mishri. Ira comes and sees them. Vansh says your experiment flopped. Pushpa asks Vansh not to joke on Mishri. Akhilesh feeds Mishri by his hands. Ira looks on.
Ira thinks to tell Mishri that Akhilesh is her father. She cries happily. Pushpa says so Monu has done this drama to make Akhilesh feed him. Mishri agrees. Ira goes and gets Mishri to room. She asks Mishri what’s this drama. Mishri says no, I did this so that I get habit to live without father, Akhilesh fed me food. Mishri says I will be happy when I have both my hands, I want to make Akhilesh my dad, why don’t you marry him, I want both mum and dad. She gets upset. Ira thinks I have to tell her the truth, its time to tell her that Akhilesh is her dad. She says don’t be sad, Akhilesh is your dad, that’s why you like him so much.

Mishri says hug me dad. Akhilesh takes her away to give her to Trinethri baba as per his promise. Ira gets shocked and runs to stop him.

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