Naagin Season 3 20th October 2018 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 20th October 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Naagin Season 3 20th October 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bela thinking what Maa was signing and at what? She thinks I couldn’t remember what she signed. Mahir tells Sumitra that when Bela doesn’t want then why he shall be in the relation. Vikrant hears them and is happy. Sumitra tells him that she saw them happy together and seems like they are made for each other. Mahir asks her not to convince him and says there is no point in the relation in which there is no love or confession. Sumitra hugs him. Andy comes. Mahir tells him that he is divorcing Bela and says he has decided. Andy says this house is mine and says you can’t leave her and Yuvi can’t marry her. One brother can’t divorce her and other can’t marry her in my house. He says if you divorce her then she will go to her father’s house. Mahir sees Yuvi hearing

him and assures that bela will marry him after divorce. He says I don’t see myself in Bela’s life. Boltu comes there and tells Mahir that he wants to talk to him. Mahir says not now. Boltu says it is important and tells that his friend Sonal heard a woman telling that this is first step of separating Mahir and Bela when Anu was murdered. Everyone is shocked.
Bela asks God to give him sign and recalls her mum alerting her against Vikrant, and showing his blurred face, and asks her to show the sign on his palm. She says the person having the sign is your enemy. Fb ends. Bela thinks to check Mahir’s other hand and thinks if he is betraying me. Sonal is called and she tells that she heard that. Yuvi says may be she was drunk. Sonal says when I was going to Anu’s room, I heard a sound coming from Anu’s room, and she saw a woman killing Anu. Vikrant thinks if she saw Me and the woman….Sonal says she couldn’t see the woman’s face, and was too scared. She says she kept selfie phone, but it slipped there. Yuvi says we didn’t see it. Sumitra says we shall search the phone first. Yuvi goes first and searches for the phone. He gets the phone and hides it in his pocket. Sonal and others come there and ask if he got the phone. Yuvi says no, lets search it.

Bela comes to Mahir and tries to talk to him. Mahir says he is searching Sonal’s phone. Bela asks who? Mahir says you don’t know really and asks her to go. Bela thinks of Vikrant’s words. She goes behind Mahir. Mahir holds her and asks what is her problem. Bela asks him to show right hand. Mahir asks what is your problem and says you don’t like me to hold your hand, or you don’t hold my hand, you don’t like me to come near you, and don’t want me to go far, and asks what is her problem. Bela looks at his hand. Yuvi excuses himself and goes to garden. He thinks to break the phone and throw. Sonal comes there and asks if he got the phone. Yuvi says no and tells that he is still searching. Sonal asks him to check in his pocket and says she has seen him hiding the phone. She asks him to tell truth to everyone. Yuvi changes into Vikrant. Sonal gets shocked and sits. Vikrant says Yuvi is dead long back, but you are a stubborn girl who is making an issue. He becomes half snake and holds Sonal with his tail. He says let me check the pic and sees himself.

He checks and says you have taken son and mother’s pic. He says my big aim is to separate Mahir and Bela.

Mahir asks Bela what she is looking at? Bela says I knew it and hugs him. She says I know you can’t be him. Sumitra asks Mahir, if he got anything. Mahir says no. bela thanks God and thinks he is not the one who attacked Vikrant and killed my mum. She thinks where is Vikrant? Vikrant takes Sonal somewhere and tells that someone is big than him and plans the murders. He says I will show the pic of the woman and you will die seeing her. Sonal is shocked and says nobody knows about it. Vikrant says she is my mum. He says I will kill you, and Mahir will be blamed then bela will leave him. Mahir hears Sonal’s voice and comes there. Sumitra asks mahir if he found anything. Mahir says no. Bela comes inside the storeroom and shouts. Mahir and others run there and ask who did this. They all see Sonal hanging in air. Yuvi comes and says what happened. He says I was in garden. Andy tells Inspector that he want senior inspector to investigate the case. Yuvi says she hanged with fan and died and asks others not to complicate things. Mahir says it is not an ordinary thing.

Yuvi says she must have came here for Boltu and was using him, and goes on badmouthing about her. bela says she must have known something about Anu. Yuvi says she was senseless and says something was wrong. Sumitra asks about phone. Yuvi says she didn’t have phone and did this to get anyone’s attention. Bela asks him to shut up and says you thought her wrong, but how can you be disrespectful for her. Mahir says exactly. Mahir says something wrong in this case and he wants someone to investigate the case. Bela thinks of Vish and Vikrant’s words and thinks Mahir is not betrayal as I check his palm. She thinks someone is really behind it and thinks if Vikrant and Vish are doing this so that I get separated from Mahir. She then thinks Vikrant and Vish can’t betray her. Mahir says private detective is the solution. Sumitra says she will go and check on Kuhu. Yuvi asks Bela to sleep. Bela asks him to sleep and says she will do what she wants. Mahir asks Bela if she is fine? Bela says.

Mahir says don’t you think that it is weird, we are not together, but still someone wants to separate us and getting insecure. Bela says you are happy with this talk. Mahir says there is still hope. He says you were planning something and says you will tell when you go. Bela says I can’t tell you what I am planning, but I have hope for us, as your hope is related to me. Mahir and Bela looks at each other hopeful. Song plays….Bela comes to Yuvi’s room and says she wants to talk to him Vikrant closes the door. Bela is surprised to see him in suit and says you hate humans and wearing clothes like them. Vikrant says yes. Bela tries to check his hand. Vikrant asks her to tell truly. Bela says she wants to see his hand and searching sign. Vikrant gets shocked and acts as hurt because of her doubt. He says you are lowering me for loving you for 100 years. Bela says I trust you, but. Vikrant emotionally blackmails her and asks her to add his pic before her enemies. He thinks Bela loves Mahir more than she loved me. He thinks to do something to hide his sign and show her wound. He says you will think Mahir as your enemy.

Bela thinks how to see Vikrant’s hand and wishes to talk to Mahir. She thinks where is Vish, she don’t go where did she go? Naagrani Maa is in Vikrant’s captivity and sees nevlas coming towards her. She calls aghori baba and asks him to save her from enemies. Aghori baba appears infront of her and says those enemies came to know that you are alive. Naagrani Maa says I don’t care about myself, but Bela and asks him to free her. Aghori baba says Vikrant had done big magic on Nevlas and says he will handle them. She does magic and makes Nevlas vanish. He then frees Naagrani Maa. Yuvi/Vikrant collides with Mahir and taunts him. He then eats apple. Mahir asks what is he doing? Yuvi says I am eating apple and tells the famous saying. Mahir thinks Yuvi used to dislike eating apple. Yuvi says I am going to meet my friends.

Aghori baba comes to bela and tells her to go to jungle near haveli fast. Bela asks what happened? Why shall I go there. Aghori baba asks her to go. Vikrant comes to the place and sees Naagrani maa gone. He thinks she betrayed me and thinks I will not leave the person helping her. Aghori baba tells Bela that Naagrani maa wants to meet you. Bela says she came in my dream, and I told Vikrant but he didn’t believe me and said that only alive snakes can come in dreams. Aghori Baba says yes, she is alive. Bela is surprised.

Vikrant tricks Mahir and Bela and shoots Naagrani Maa. Bela thinks Mahir shot her mum and says you have killed my mum. Mahir says no. Bela tells Vikrant that she will kill Mahir.

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