Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with kanha in vrindavan as he is roaming around the village, kanha says I want to play I am so bored. Kanha looks around and says where are my friends? Today I cant see them anywhere in the village. Kanha goes to dhama’s house and sees him working with his father, kanha says come on dhama lets go and play. Dhama says no kanha, today I am helping my father, sometimes you should also work apart from playing. Dhama goes. Kanha says what happened to dhama? Kanha goes to som and sees him working too and says come on lets play, som says no kanha I am helping my mother in making butter. Kanha goes and says what has happened to my friends? Suddenly they are all working today. Jeevak comes to kanha and says here you are kanha, even I was finding you. kanha says all friends are

working, what to do now? no one is coming to play. Kanha says I am going home, kanha goes.
Kansa comes to vamana lok to find the idol of kanha’s vamana avatar. kansa enters vamana lok and sees the beautiful calm place, kansa sees vamana guru teaching some souls the manners of life. Vamana guru says to some souls, you have been brought to vamana lok because now it will be your rebirth on earth and you should know about the rules and manners of life, about dharma and adharma and you learn that in the vamana lok, and about god and disciple. Kansa comes and says you are right vamana guru, about the god on earth! I am that god, bhagwan kansa. Vamana guru says who are you? kansa says I am bhagwan kansa, your and everyone’s god in this universe. Vaman guru says how did you enter vamana lok? Go away from here. kansa says don’t worry vamana guru, I have come to take you to earth and make the people more moralistic and teach them everything. vamana guru says I am not just a guru but also the protector of vamana lok and the protector of vamana Shastra. Kansa laughs and says you cannot stop me. vamana guru sees hrough kansa’s evil intentions and gets up and uses his powers and binds kansa using a spell. Kansa gets angry and breaks the spell, he pushes vaman guru behind and the mountain cracks and a cave opens. Kansa enters the cave and finds a statue of the vamana avatar of kanha.
Kanha is at home and tells yashoda, none of his friends are playing as they are working with their parents. Yashoda says then learn from them. Kanha sits bored and all his friends come and say kanha come on lets go and play. Kanha says not now, I am bored. Som says I have brought pitthu so lets play that, we will have fun kanha. Dhama says kanha, it is time to play come on without you we cannot play. Kanha says okay then, lets go before it is late. All friends go to play.

Precap: Kansa tampers with vamana Shastra around the world. Kanha’s friends suddenly turn on kanha and insult him and say he cannot play with them, friends go. kanha says something has happened, my friends wont act like this.

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