Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with the disciple of kanha praying and singing to him, as the basket floats, slowly water seeps in and the disciple keeps singing to kanha playing the veena. Kanha runs to save his disciple and says this must be his last minutes, I have to save my disciple. Kanha runs and sudhama follows.
Kanha jumps in the river as the disciple’s basket drowns and kanha’s new disciple drowns. Kanha swims and goes and saves his disciple and brings him to the banks of the river. Kanha says why were you committing suicide? Sudhama comes and says prabhu! Kanha says sudhama, what are you doing here? The disciple says kanha? My prabhu? Sudhama says prabhu, I came here to help you, I thought if you needed someone’s help I should be there for assistance. The disciple says my name is

Shivang, I am the son of Surmani, a musician and Indrani. Shivang says prabhu, i am your disciple and I know everything about you. kanha says shivang, why were you killing yourself? Your songs seemed to be calling me for help. Shivang says yes prabhu, I knew you would come to save your disciple. Kanha says but why did you need help?
Sudhama says yes friend shivang, tell your story to kanha, prabhu will help you for sure. Shivang says my father, Surmani was a musician and we lived happily as my father played music on the veena and sang for people and kings. My father, surmani was a great disciple of Narayana and my father had a debt from a man named Sahukar, my father had to pay back the debt, sahukar was not a good man. But my father was sure and had full faith in lord Vishnu that lord Vishnu would help them pay back their debt. Shivang says and so one day, a messenger came from kashi who had brought a challenge from the Musician Tarkeshwar from kashi, he challenged my father. Shivang says my father participated in that challenge against tarkeshwar, he thought of that chance given to him by prabhu Vishnu so that he would get some gold and pay back the debt. The one who won would get bricks made of gold and thus my father and Tarkeshwar played music against each other for the win. But somehow, this challenge led to my father’s death and my whole world collapsed, my mother became a widow and now sahukar comes and troubles us for the debt. Shivang says but I am sure, my father died through trickery. He was tricked by tarkeshwar and his men and they have killed my father, I don’t know how they killed my father but they are the reason my father died that day. Shivang says thus I lost all hope, and sang to you prabhu so that you could come to my help. Kanha says shivang, don’t worry, I shall give you what you deserve and I and sudhama will go to kashi and enquire into this challenge and reveal what treachery was don’t to your father by tarkeshwar and his men. Sudhama says yes prabhu, we shall go to kashi.

Precap: Kanha goes in past to see what happened during the challenge and how surmani died. Sahukar troubles shivang’s mother indrani..

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