Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with andhaka saying where is parvati? Andhaka gets angry on the mother cow and disrespects it and says you kids, take me to parvati. Kanha then takes andhaka to a tulsi plant and says she is our mata parvati. Andhaka gets angry and he removes the tulsi plan in anger and throws it away, he says you don’t play riddles with me. where is my parvati? Kanha and his friends go near the yamuna river as andhaka reaches there finding parvati. Andhaka sees a woman looking like parvati and he holds her hand and says parvati? Andhaka sees it is the wrong woman and says where is she? Andhaka then goes on finding parvati and he comes to a cliff and sees parvati there.
Andhaka goes and says parvati, where were you? I have been finding you everywhere, finally now I shall marry you.

parvati says no andhaka, you demon, you will die for your sins. Andhaka says no one can kill me because mahadev protects me. andhaka laughs and he holds parvati’s hands and pulls her. Kanha comes and says andhaka leave mata parvati. Andhaka says don’t act smart kid, you can do nothing to me. kanha smiles and says andhaka your end is here now, kanha takes his divya Krishna avatar. Andhaka is shocked and says so you are Vishnu’s avatar. Kanha says you could not recognize anyone as you are blinded by your ego and sins. Kanha says I finally shall kill you here today. Kanha removes his sudarshan chakra and attacks on andhaka, andhaka calls mahadev and says protect me mahadev. Mahadev appears and his trishul stops the chakra. Andhaka laughs and says you cannot kill me Krishna.
Kanha says yes I can, mahadev had given a blessing that he would protect you but now that blessing has been broken. Kanha says andhaka, you insulted and disrespected the three goddesses, Mata kamdhenu the mother of cows and all, mata ganga and mata vrinda. When someone disrespects these forms of mata, their blessing and wish are broken, it means mahadev is not entitled to protect you anymore. Kanha takes his chakra again and andhaka is worried and scared, he says protect me mahadev. Kanha attacks the chakra and it hits andhakasura and he is finally killed. Mata parvati is saved and she thanks kanha and says prabhu, you saved my life today. Parvati goes with mahadev.
There betaal is with vikram and betaal restates his question and says vikram, now tell me. who was right? Is mahadev wrong for not protecting mata parvati? Or is kanha right to have confronted mahadev? Tell me the answer vikram. Kanha himself appears and vikram and betaal do pranam. kanha says betaal I will give you the answer, in this situation even mahadev is not wrong and even I am not wrong, we both are right. Kanha says mahadev could not break a boon given to his disciple because if he himself had broken it to protect mata parvati, then the concept of the bond between a devotee and a god would have been ruined. Mahadev is the jagat pita before everything else, he is the father of the universe and after that he is the wife of devi parvati! Betaal gets his answer and thanks kanha. Kanha goes. Betaal says still vikram I wont come with you now, I shall come with you when you shall complete another task by me, betaal goes away laughing. Vikram tries to stop him.

Precap: Shivang gives sahukar a gold brick and says I have paid back your debt, leave my mother. Sahukar denies.

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