MTV Fanaah Season 2 22nd January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 22nd January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 22nd January 2015 Written Episode

Avani tells Rose to meet her later and leaves while Mehgna tells Sarthak to relax and go do the preparations in the ware house. Avani goes and talks to Vivan and says that I need to talk to you alone. She takes him inside a room and says that aren’t you tired of running away from me. Vivan says that aren’t you tired of getting insulted by me as I am not attracted to you. Avani says that when I was Dhara it was another story but not now. Avani says that now I understand everything as we have a very old relationship.
Avani says that now she understands why he had to do it to protect her. Avani says that I changed from Dhara to Avani to come back and only do one thing and that is to complete what was left and that was our love. Vivan says that you should also know that whenever we have met we have gone Fanaah. Avani says that no one can separate us while Vivan says that he is a vampire. Avani says that there is a cure and we will find it. Vivan says that if something happens to you than I would not be able to handle it. Avani says that stay with me and nothing will happen.
She goes to kiss him when Rose comes and apologizes and says that I need your help. Rose drags her and says that it’s about Samir while Avani tells VIvan that she will be back. Vivan wonders if they could be together and says that only one person would know. Ranbir is looking for Saher while Rose has brought Avani to a place saying that I need a surprise for Samir as you decorated a great birthday party. Avani is about to leave when Sarthak grabs her from behind and ties her to a chair. Avani thinking them as her friends wants them to let her go.
Rose turns into Mehgna and says that I am very thankfull that you came to the hospital. Mehgna tells Avani to enjoy it as she would not be able to see anything after it. Vivan is with a person who guiders him to what he has to do and says that you have been running and she is a pure blood that’s why she opened the coffin. Vivan says that he can’t do this to Avani while the person says that fate had already involved her in this and he could get the cure only by drinking her blood.
Mehgna starts to perform the rituals while Vivan tells the receptionist to tell him if they see Avani or Rose. Ranbir comes and gives a hard disk to Vivan and says that you should see this. It contains the video of Sarthak kidnapping Saher while Vivan tries to calm him down. Ranbir says that you tell me not do anything while Vivan says that help me. He tells Ranbir to find them and tell him about their whereabouts. Vivan finds Rose scared and praying and she tells him that she saw her look alike in the corridor. Vivan realizes that Avani is with Sarthak and Mehgna and tells Rose to go home and not come here until told.
Mehgna is reading from a book while Vivan is trying to find her but can’t. Mehgna asks for one for minute from Sarthak while Vivan says that they know about Avani being a pure blood. Vivan says that it must be a place where sound can’t reach. Mehgna tells Sarthak to get ready and he walks towards Avani and is about to bite her when Vivan comes.
The fight start and Avani realizes that her blood can help Vivan as well. Vivan out powers Sarthak and tries to get Avani free. Ranbir comes and grabs Mehgna and tells her not to move. Vivan drinks the blood of Avani while Mehgna faints. Sarthak goes to Mehgna while she disappears. Ranbir goes and unties Avani while Vivan snaps Sarthak’s neck.
Vivan goes and hugs Avani and tries to waker her up. Avani asks if she is a vampire while Vivan says that his body is becoming natural like a human. Vivan says that you were the cure and I was running away from you. Avani says that she told you that love had a lot of powers and their love is very strong. Avani goes and tries to help Yamini and says that in your life everything will be great. Vivan says that love finds a way and not even time can tie it.

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  1. Atif Shaikh
    January 27, 16:59 Reply

    I Loved It…. It Wass Really Awesome touched My Heart,, But Why Did It End Soo Early Yaar … Why Is That Interesting Serials End Early Nd When Did Rithvik Dhanjani Appear !!! Vivaan,,Avni Sarthak,Ayaz,Scarlet, Nice Performance Liked it Alot !!!

  2. suafars
    January 22, 11:12 Reply

    i felt sad for sarthak and yamini…as avni and vivaan were bound to be together so same sarthak and yamini were………..
    I jus love acting of yuvraj………..he and karan both were brilliant…I will really miss fanaah and rose
    Comeon lets take a selfie……………..:) 🙂

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