Afsar Bitiya 13th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 13th December 2012 Written Update by kmfan_2

Afsar Bitiya 13th December 2012 Written Episode

TTS wants to know how the idol got into his pocket when it was not there earlier.
He calls up someone…Bihari is scared that it would be the police…but he instead calls up a contractor for painting his mansion.
He then tells Bihari that he would not be able to stay there in the TTS mansion as they are going to get it painted and he is allergic to it as per his own admission.(Tit for Tat!)
So they decide to leave sheepishly.
Krishna is upset with what all happened and Ganga goes and asks for forgiveness and a beautiful scene of MIL and DIL is seen( separate post will follow…)
Pinky says she will help out her parents in packing.
Babloo walks away and TTS and Ganga have a smile.
Chanchal offers to leave the place as BD problem was sorted out.
Then arrives our HERO back from Delhi(?????!!!!).
All are happy to see him and he looks at Pinky and is disgusted.
He tells them that he knows what all has been happening and expresses surprise at how TTS allowed Bihari to stay there when he knew about him and his true colours in the first place.
Pinky objects to this and says he forgot that he was talking about her parents.
He says he remembered it but they forgot that they were in their daughter’s sasuraal.
Pinky wants to know what he meant by that!
He says he had an answer to it…by then Krishna asks him to calm down.
Babloo, TTS and Ganga too ask him to stop the argument and join for dinner as he was home after a looong time.
In his room he tells Krishna to now focus on her books( but how???) since she had her Prelims in just two days…
Krishna says she will but how would they go to give her exams.
He tells her that now that Pintu – the magician has come he will take care of everything and all she needs to do is top in her exams.
She promises to.
Next morning he talks to Mithilesh to take care of the office front while he plans to take Krishna to Patna for the exams.
At the breakfast table he tells them that they need to go to Patna regarding the enquiry of Krishna as the commission wanted to clarify some things.
TTS wants to know why …as she was already cleared of all the charges and anyway she was not interested in a job now…
Then he wants to know if she had changed her mind about it or what????

Precap shows Ganga telling Pinky that Pintu and Krishna had just left for Patna 5 minutes back…and Pinky wants to try to stop her from giving her exams!

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  1. Kris
    December 13, 13:04 Reply

    Why is pinky working when she got married to take care of sonu? Who is taking care of him

  2. cutie
    December 13, 12:15 Reply

    i am so glad tuntun figurd out who was responsible i felt for krishna ,loved the moment between krishna n ganga sweeeeet.yay pinto is back an how 2 ,looking forward to afsar bitiya coming back on track ,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze dont cancel this show just giv pinky n her parents a 1way ticket 2 the moon thank u for the luvly update

  3. leonine
    December 13, 11:49 Reply

    why is pinky allowed to work and not krishna?

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