Agnisakshi 10th February 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 10th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 10th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guru ji telling that the groom and bride shall not meet each other before marriage. Pallavi says he is in our team. Rajnandini tells that he has come to play some game. The family members ask there are many rasams, how they can’t meet. Guru ji tells them that in past time, the bride and groom don’t see each before marriage. Shlok gets upset. Satvik says its ok.

Shlok says you are letting everything happen. Rajnandini thinks Guru ji couldn’t find out about my plan. Guru ji tells that nothing is hidden from his sight, this marriage is a new beginning of a new journey. Later Narayan is happy and tells Rajnandini that their house has become lively again with Jeevika coming our home. Rajnandini says yes, baba. Everything will be fine. Jeevika smiles and blushes as Swara and Siddhi make her ready for haldi. Jhanvi tells that she is looking more good than super. Siddhi says jiju is not coming and asks what is the use? Shlok tells Aadhya that 14 days have passed and the haldi day have come. Juhi comes to Rajnandini and says her jaws are in paining by feigning fake smile. She says if Shlok and her marriage were happening then they would have enjoyed. Aadhya collides with old lady Latha and the latter scolds her. Aadhya says sorry. Narayan greets Lata. Lata says today she has seen his daughter.

Rajnandini praises Aadhya. Lata asks Rajnandini, if you and your sister are still here. She asks Shlok if she does any work now or not. She asks where is Satvik? She asks if he is marrying with his wish. Rajnandini says he must be in his room and working. She goes to his room and takes his phone, asking his employee not to disturb Satvik for a week, and invites him to the marriage. She asks Satvik to come downstairs and meet the guests. Lata talks to Narayan and tells that everything is good, but Savitri and Udkarsh are missed. Lata sees Satvik and start praising him. Narayan says Satvik has made Savitri mills to new heights, but Udkarsh worked hard for it more. Lata smiles. Pallavi gets tensed and sees Baba holding the book. Pradeep says it is calculation book of monthly expenses. Satvik gets sad. Juhi tells Rajnandini that she made Satvik as stranger. Rajnandini says lata can burn water droplets too, they are just father and son. She tells Satvik that she shouldn’t have asked his father, and says just like you are my jaan, Udkarsh is your papa’s jaan and pride. She asks him not to feel bad. Satvik is upset and goes.

Pallavi sees Baba seeing the letter. She takes it from him and says she has written this for marriage. Jeevika comes to Pallavi and asks her to give medicine to a neighbor. She asks her to show what is in her hand. Swara comes there and says she will bring medicine for usha mausi. Pallavi throws the letter in the dustbin, but it falls out. She takes them outside. Lata applies haldi to Satvik. Narayan asks Rajnandini to apply haldi to him. Lata says she is a widow. Narayan asks Rajnandini to apply haldi to Satvik. She applies him haldi and asks him to smile. Lata continues to manipulate Narayan against Satvik. Juhi tells Rajnandini that Aadhya gave her work to check the guest list, and tells that don’t know if invite is sent to Dr. megha. Rajnandini hears and thinks she can’t be here else everything will be exposed.

Precap: Swara stops Satvik and says he will step inside, taking my jeevi tai’s name. He says Sona. Everyone is shocked.

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