Ajooni 17th July 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 17th July 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 17th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer comes to the dhaba and finds Shanky and Shikha there. Rajveer attacks Shanky and starts beating him. Shanky attacks him and Shikha tries to save Rajveer. Shanky finds a gun and tells them to move back. Rajveer looks on. Shanky tells Shikha that she destroyed his plan, I was going to kill him but you attacked me and then you tipped Rajveer? Rajveer says Shikha called me? Shanky says yes but I am going to kill him today. He shoots at Rajveer but Shikha stands inbetween them and gets shot. Rajveer rushes to her but Shanky says I will kill you. He is about to shoot but Ajooni comes there and attacks Shanky, he faints. Ajooni rushes to Rajveer and says I am okay. She says we have to take Shikha to the hospital, I have already called the police for Shanky. Shanky takes the gun again and says I will you all today. Rajveer looks on. Shanky says I will kill this Ajooni first. He shoots at her but its Shanky who got shot. He turns around to see Kaviri holding the gun. She shot Shanky and he dies on spot. Kaviri says I gave birth to this evil person, she falls down and cries seeing Shanky. Kaviri says I prayed daily for him to die before doing all these crimes but he never stopped so I had to kill him. The police arrive there and ask who did it? Rajveer says it was a self defence. Kaviri says don’t try to save me. She tells Rajveer that I wish you were my son. She tells the inspector that you can arrest me, I killed Shanky, I am his mother but I had to kill evil inside him. The inspector arrests her and Kaviri tells Ajooni that you are like my daughter, always remain the same. You made me happy and proud. My blessings are with you. She blesses them and goes with the police. Shikha is crying in pain so Rajveer and Ajooni take her to the hospital.

Scene 2
Shikha is hospitalized. Ravindra and the family come there. Ravindra asks Ajooni if she is okay? she nods. He asks about Shanky. Rajveer says Kaviri shot him, all are shocked. Bebe says thank God you both are okay, why did you come here? The doctor comes out and says the person is still unconscious but she is not in danger. Ravindra asks who is the patient? Rajveer shows them that its Shikha. All are shocked. Ravindra asks what is going on? Bebe says this girl did so much against us. Rajveer says she got shot so we had to bring her here. Harvindar says you should have let her die. Rajveer says I couldn’t see her die. Ravindra says you know this girl is a trouble. Rajveer says you need to hear why I brought her here. He says Shanky was about to molest Ajooni but Shikha came there and saved her. Then Shanky shot at me but Shikha came in front of me and saved my life. Bebe says so what? she brought so much trouble in our lives. Harvindar says I can never forget how she insulted me. Rajveer says as a Bagga member, its my duty to save everyone. Harvindar says what about your duty as a throne owner? its your duty to choose between right and wrong. She saved your life so she is important now? Rajveer charges at him. Harvindar says you can’t hear the truth. Rajveer says I am doing the right thing, we can’ pay with hatred in return of hatred, I am not doing wrong as she wants to change so we should give her a chance. Harvindar says I don’t trust this rubbish, Shikha has to die for what she did with me. He tries to go in her room but Rajveer stands in front of it, they both fight but Ravindra shouts at them to stop it. He says I am still alive.

Ravindra brings Harvindar back home and shouts that you think you are above everyone? you didn’t even care about your family’s honor? all look on. Harvindar says what about Shikha insulting our family but still Rajveer is helping her. Ravindra says don’t talk about him, she saved Rajveer’s life and he is the throne owner so we have to accept his decisions. Harvindar says I don’t accept that, I will kill Shikha and I will kill anyone that comes between that.

PRECAP – Harvindar comes to Shikha’s room when she is unconscious and tries to strangle her. Rajveer and Ajooni come there, they try to stop him but he doesn’t so Rajveer points a gun at him and says I will shoot if you do not stop. Harvindar is shocked.

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