Ajooni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 17th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shikha tells Harman that I saw Rajveer with Kamli.. he is innocent as he lost his memory and is in need of love but that Kamli took advantage of him. You can check her stuff and you will find Rajveer’s blanket with her. Harman gets angry and calls Kamli there. All the family members come there. She asks Kamli to bring her bag, she brings it. Harman asks her to show what’s inside her bag. The flashback shows how Ajooni had hidden Rajveer’s blanket in her bag. She gets scared but Harman asks her to show her bag. Kamli is stressed and says I didn’t steal anything. Harman shouts at her and asks her to show her stuff. She pushes her but Rajveer holds her and says why are you doing all this? Harman says you are protecting her like you did with Ajooni.. have you started liking this servant? I know your blanket is in her bag. Ravindra asks Kamli to show her stuff. Kamli opens her bag and takes out her clothes and everything but his blanket is not there. The flashback shows how Rajveer had taken his blanket back earlier. Harman glares at Shikha but she leaves. Ravindra tells Harman to stop alleging her own son. I should punish you but Rajveer says she is my mother so don’t punish her, he leaves.

Ravindra gets a call and says sure, I will send your message. Rajveer comes there so Ravindra tells him Sethi is really happy with your work. You are my talented son and I have high hopes from you. I want you to make a plan for our election campaign. Rajveer says I will, I am going to the market for now. He nods at Kamli and leaves. Shikha sees that.

Bebe calls Kamli but Shikha says she is going to the mandir. Bebe says she has to do work first. Shikha says she is going for prayers so let her go. Bebe says okay and leaves. Shikha says once I see Kamli with Rajveer then I will expose them.

In the market, Rajveer and Ajooni are together. Some people make fun of Ajooni as she has black face but she says ignore them, they don’t understand that not everything is about outer beautfy. Rajveer smiles at buys bangles for her. He pulls her closer and gives her a rose. Shikha comes there and makes their video. She smirks and says I will expose Rajveer and he will be scolded by Ravindra.

Scene 2
All family members are together. Ravindra scolds Harvindar for not being as talented as Rajveer. He says I have a good news. Bebe asks what happened? He says we have a big party meeting tomorrow and we will show Rajveer’s work he has done till now. We will show him as inspiration. He says there is another son Harvindar who is useless, he angrily leaves. Bebe says let him be. Shikha thinks soon Rajveer’s respect will be gone.

Shikha comes to Harvindar and sees him drinking.. she says I am doing so much for you and you don’t care. She shows him Rajveer and Kamli’s video. She says we will show this video in the party meeting.. Rajveer will be insulted and Ravindra will be embarrassed of him. He will be thrown out of the party. Harvindar says I will get the ticket then, he starts drinking more. Shikha thinks I will have more power now. Ajooni is outside the room and hears all that.

Ajooni tells Rajveer about the video and says if Shikha shows it tomorrow then you will be insulted. Rajveer says there is one solution. Ajooni says I can expose myself. He says we can’t do that.. I can’t forget what she did with us so we have to expose her. Ajooni says but if that video is shown then you will be insulted. He says I don’t care but till we don’t expose her, you can’t show the family who you are.

PRECAP – In the party meeting, Shikha tells Harvindar to play the video, he does and all see it. Shikha says this Kamli has trapped Rajveer, she is a characterless woman. Sethi tells Rajveer that I thought you are an honorable person but you have no place in the party anymore. All look on.

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