Ajooni 1st February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 1st February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 1st February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
All family members sit to have breakfast. Ravindra says you all seem stressed after the magician left, he tells Bebe to stop believing in all this, its your superstition only. Ajooni says he is right, there is nothing as ghosts. Harman asks her to shut up and bring breakfast for everyone, she nods and leaves. Harsh says I went to the mandir and brought parsad for you all. He gives it to everyone. Ravindra drinks tea and coughs. Everyone starts feeling dizzy. Ravindra says to bring food. Ajooni serves them poha. Ravindra tastes it and coughs, he says this has sand in it. Harsh smirks and thinks how he did it. Ajooni is confused and says I don’t know how it became sand. Ravindra throws it away and asks Aman to make breakfast again. Bebe tells Ravindra that this is happening because of the curse.

Dolly comes to Harsh and tries attacking him. She grabs him and says what is about the magician? Harsh says I just told Bebe out of goodwill but she is dangerous. Dolly says we can use the magician to give hell to the family. Harsh looks on.

Dolly tempers with Ravindra’s water bottle and leaves. Ravindra comes there and suddenly the bottle blasts, Ravindra gets hit. All rush to him, Rajveer sees his hand cut. Ravindra says this bottle blasted. Bebe says this is the magician’s curse only, she asks Ravindra to accept it. Rajveer smells the bottle and says there was soda in the bottle, who would have done it? Ajooni says it blasted because of sunlight hitting it. Rajveer says how did soda come in the bottle? Ravindra laughs and says the ghost might have put it in. He tells Bebe to stop worrying about ghosts. He leaves. Bebe says I am sure this is happening because we made the magician angry.

Shikha meets the magician and tells her that Ravindra’s family is scared. The magician says soon Ravindra’s family will be begging to me then I will throw Ajooni out of the house and you will become a queen of that house. Shikha smirks.

Bebe tells Ravindra that you saw what’s happening in the house. Harman says the magician said that we are all in danger. Ajooni says this is just superstition. They do this to scam people like you. The electricity starts sparking. Bebe is scared and says what’s going on? Rajveer says its just a simple spark, stop believing in everything. Ravindra says I don’t believe in all this. Bebe says then don’t, she tells Harman that we will go to the magician tomorrow and apologize to her. Ravindra jokes to be careful at night as the magician’s ghost might enter your body. Rajveer laughs.

PRECAP – Shikha’s mother tells Ravindra that Shikha is having blood vomiting. Bebe says her baby is in danger because of Ajooni. Ajooni says if problems are arising because of me then I will leave the house. Rajveer is shocked.

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