Ajooni 21st July 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 21st July 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 21st July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ajooni starts doing ritual for Aman but she falls from the swing. All rush to Aman and ask if she is okay? Bebe says this is a bad omen. The guest says I hope her baby is okay. Bebe says we will call a doctor, Harman takes Aman from there. Bebe apologizes the guests and they all leave. Ajooni shows the screw to Rajveer and says it was lose that’s why it fell down. Rajveer glares at Dolly and says someone deliberately did it. Dolly says why are you glaring at me? it was Ajooni who set this swing up, why are you blaming me? Rajveer tells Dolly that I know Ajooni would never do such a thing. Bebe asks Rajveer to stop defending Ajooni. He says why would Ajooni try to harm Aman’s baby? Bebe says I am not saying she did it deliberately but she was still careless and it might harm the baby. You promised Ravindra to always do justice but you become blind when it comes to your wife. You always defend her, Ravindra always punished his wife if she was wrong. Rajveer says I can’t punish her if she didn’t do anything. If you think I don’t deserve this throne then I am ready to leave this throne. I don’t care about power because I trust Ajooni and will always do. He leaves from there with Ajooni. Dolly smirks and thinks my plan is working.

The doctor checks Aman. Harvindar comes there and asks what happened? the doctor says Aman and the baby are okay but you all need to be careful, she leaves. Harvindar blames Aman and says she was careless. Harman says stop blaming her, you don’t even take care of her when she is pregnant so stop blaming her. Dolly tells Harman that why are you not telling the truth to Harvindar? Harman asks her to shut up. Harvindar asks what is going on? Dolly says Ajooni loosened the screws of the swing and deliberately made Aman fall from the swing. Harvindar gets angry hearing that.

Scene 2
Ajooni comes to Rajveer and says I am sorry that you had to hear all that. Rajveer says its not your fault, I am just sad that I am unable to make Ravindra’s proud. I don’t care because I know you didn’t do anything and I am taking the side of right. Ajooni thanks him. Rajveer says you are my first priority and anything for you. Harvindar shouts for them.

All family members come in the lounge, Harvindar shouts for Rajveer. He tells the family that Rajveer was given the throne because he would do justice but he is just protecting his wife. He tries to raise hand on Ajooni but Rajveer stands in front of her and says don’t you dare come near her. Harvindar says see this, Rajveer can’t do justice. I can’t live here. Bebe asks him to calm down. Harvindar says Rajveer and Ajooni are destroying our family. Rajveer says enough.. Ravindra is not here so I am the heir of this house right and I am ordering you to back down. Harvindar says we will decide today only, if you have guts then come and fight me. Rajveer says I accept. All look on. Ajooni tries to stop him but Rajveer says let him do what he wants.

Harvindar creates a ring and tells Rajveer that whoever is thrown out of the ring will lose and if I lose then I will do anything you want. Rajveer says if I lose then I will leave the throne. Rajveer and Harvindar start fighting. Dolly thinks I need to make Harvindar win. Harvindar pushes Rajveer but he doesn’t fall out of the ring. Dolly throws her ring under Rajveer, he slips and falls out of the ring. All are shocked. Harvindar says you can’t protect the throne when you can’t even fight for more than 5 minutes, I won and showed you your standard. I am more of a Bagga than you, you shouldn’t mess with me. All look on. Rajveer tells Bebe that I lost and I will accept my defeat, I will talk to Ravindra when he comes back.

PRECAP – Ajooni tells Dolly that I know you wanted Rajveer to lose and I found your ring in the circle. I am warning you to stop plotting against Rajveer otherwise I will not spare you as his wife. Dolly looks on.

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