Ajooni 24th July 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 24th July 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 24th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aman tells Rajveer that I know Ajooni didn’t do anything delibertaly, you deserve this throne so don’t back down. Rajveer says I trust Ajooni but its about my honor, I gave my promise so I have to follow through, he leaves. Ajooni is worried. All leave from there. Ajooni finds a ring there and says this is Dolly’s.

Ajooni comes to Dolly’s room and says you look happy? because you made Rajveer fall down in the fight right? she shows her ring and says stop doing drama. I know you threw it so Rajveer would fall and lose the fight. You are angry with me but why are you going against Rajveer? he will be heartbroken if he finds out. Dolly says this is all happening because of you, he doesn’t care about me anymore. Ajooni says stop being jealous and if you try to harm Rajveer again then I won’t spare you as his wife. She leaves.

Harvindar comes to his office and his manager Bhola shows him the movie about dittos swapping roles, he leaves from there. Harvindar recalls meeting the professor and says what if something is wrong?

Harvindar comes to the professor’s house and the house is locked. He says what if this is Ravindra’s man? there is something fishy.

Ajooni is cooking in the kitchen. Dolly comes there and recalls her warning her and thinks to teach her a lesson.

The manager Bhola comes home so Dolly asks him to ask for the house items from Ajooni so he can bring it. He calls Ajooni there and asks her to give him a lis. Dolly goes to the kitchen and adds water in the oil so Ajooni would get hurt. She sees Ajooni coming there and moves away. She leaves from there. Ajooni turns the stove on and is shocked to see water in the oil. She says I am sure Dolly is behind it, she calls her and asks her to cook so she can give the list to Bhola. Dolly says I have some work. Aman comes there and says I will cook. Ajooni says sure and goes from there. Dolly is worried and stops Aman from cooking, she asks her to rest and she will handle it. Aman says its okay, I will cook. Dolly says there is water in the oil so don’t go near that. Ajooni comes there and says you added water in the oil for me to get burned right? She drags her from there.

Rajveer comes back home and tells Bebe that he has to handle party matters as Ravindra is not in the city. Ajooni brings Dolly there and says she tried to burn my hand. Dolly says she is lying. Ajooni asks Aman to tell them. Aman says yes, she told me about the water. Dolly says I mistakenly dropped water in the oil. Rajveer says stop lying. Dolly says no one saw me adding water so don’t blame me. Rajveer shows oil on her hand and says how did you get this then? he tells Bebe that she keeps plotting against Ajooni. He angrily leaves. Harman scolds Dolly and asks why did you try to harm Ajooni? Bebe asks Dolly to come on the right path. Ajooni tells Dolly to stop hurting Rajveer. Dolly asks her to shut up and leave. Ajooni says then don’t cross my path anymore.

Shikha is with her father and says that professor will come to us soon. Harvindar arrives there and tells Shikha that you think I am a fool but I think Ravindra is fooling us. I think the professor and Ravindra are the same person. When Ravindra is missing then the professor pops up but when Ravindra is here then the professor is gone. Shikha says lets find out.

Dolly takes hot water and throws at herself. Ajooni tries to stop her but Dolly calls everyone there. She says Ajooni tried to burn her, all are shocked.

PRECAP – Rajveer tells Ravindra that since you gave me the throne, Harvindar keeps going against me and this Dolly keeps trying to harm Ajooni. If no one is happy then I am ready to back down from the throne. Ravindra looks on.

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