Amrit Manthan 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Amrit Manthan 30th April 2013 Written Update by saveeta24

Amrit Manthan 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Epi starts with Amrit searching on Net method to cure chicken pox..Nimrit enters the room with a tray and she tells her to get neem leaves and warm water..she read it on Net that its an efficient method to cure the disease.Nimrit perplexed looks at Amrit ..she then tells her she has already brought the leaves and water.Amrit ready to give jojo the sponge bath with the mixture of leaves and water..she asks Nimrit to look after Bani..about to go Amrit tells Nimrit that are certain things that must be done at home..she says my mother used to do so.Nimrit gets emotional..Amrit continues saying that veg food should be cooked ghee in food etc..

Nimrit goes in Bani’s room with her food..Bani tells Nimrit why she is here ..she should be with jojo as she knows she dont like to stay alone when ill..Nimrit tells her dont worry Amrit is taking good care of her..Bani still asks Nimrit to go and look after jojo..Nimrit reassures her Amrit is truly taking care of her..Bani says so what she will do it only one day then you see she will be same..

Next day Amrit giving made home juice to jojo..She refuses to drink it.Nimrit comes in and Amrit tells her its home made juice but a bit bitter but its good for chicken pox cure..Do ask jojo to drink it..Nimrit asks jojo to do so and she agrees instantly …Amrit alone with jojo ready to read her a story when sunitaji enters with a bag..she tells jojo she has brought her fav fruits and juice..Amrit tells her why you brought all this from outside as i’m doing home made juice for her..then as usual Amrit taunts her about her bahu Nimrit..she says she has not even made a phone call to ask about irresponsible she is your sweet D-I-L..she goes on but sunitaji remains quiet as she knows the truth.Amrit goes out and Nimrit comes in..her M-I-L tells her Amrit always ready to disgrace you.. Nimrit replies its not Amrit Ego but changes is happening in her..true love and a mother’s feeling is bringing these changes in her..she wants to be a good mother and someone who wants to change for the better we must give her a chance..really Nimrit you are truly mahaan and her M-I-L tells her same you have a big heart..she has done so much wrong with you still you want her happiness and i just hope your trust makes her a good person..she tells Nimrit she has called the punditji to do a pooja as jojo has got chicken pox..hope Amrit wont disagree with it..Nimrit tells her she wont say no..

Nimrit on phone with Tej telling him that she will call the remaining hospital to get Agam’s number..she succeeds in getting it and feels happy saying my Agamji ..Agam is shown disturb in his sleep and he is getting blurred images of Nimrit..he wakes up saying why i cant get everything clear.all is in my mind but why..Doctor asks him to stay calm and everything will come back little by little..he falls in his unconscious state again..the nurse watching him in hiding..the mask guy tells her no dont even dare do something to him in this state..i want him to get his memory fully because when i will kill him,he must know why he is dying..

Seeing the punditji Amrit not happy with it as she thinks its superstitious ..Nimrit explains to her same like she followed what her mother did during this disease..its same its a Grandmother’s wish also to do a pooja so let her do so..The punditji about to go when Amrit stops him..he smiles and turns around..Amrit asks him same like he has given his blessing to jojo do same for her daughter Bani..bless her good health and to be happy same like before..He accepts to do and ties a black thread on Bani’s arm..Amrit gives him a lot of notes but he takes only one saying its enough..Amrit tells him i’m surprise someone refusing easy made money..he gives Amrit a good should take wat’s is needed and not ask for more..wat’s the use of such money that is made by doing wrong things..cheating and such money always lead to destruction..greediness of money will not only be bad luck for you but will engulf your dear ones also in it..if you have such money give it to the needy you from such bad things..

Amrit goes in yug’s room and gets the bag full of money .. jewelleries..yug thinks she is going to the bank..he gets a shock when she gives it all to the punditji..she asks him to give it to the poor..old persons ashram..orphange but do ask them to give blessing to Bani..Yug not happy but Amrit stays put on her decision and she will do anything for Bani..Yug angrily leaves from there..Bani says i love you Amrit aunty…Amrit says i can do anything for you and i cant live without you..she hugs Amrit and with a big smile does a Thumbs up to Nimrit..sunitaji tells Amrit now that you have no money how will you raise Bani..Amrit replies i will work if Nimrit can do it i will do it also..

Precap…some guy molesting Amrit and Nimrit slaps the guy..

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