Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 30th April 2013 Written Update by NeelimaSJ

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Munna tells Ragini that he is not Addu. A boy shown in a room calling out Addu Addu(Lakh duniya kahe playing in BG)

Beera tells Mohan about what he and Navi found out in Jhansi. He tells Mohan that everything they learnt about Addu was a bunch of lies. Beera says he went to Jhansi in 2003 and he saw Addu then how could he have died . Mohan is in tears. Beera says that he can say with surety that Addu is alive. Navi is really happy and Mohan is relieved. Mohan looks at Addu’s picture. Navi-Mohan hug each other. Mohan tells Beera that he had given him his life’s biggest happiness. Mohan thanks Beera. Beera says there is someone who is playing with your lives. Mohan says not just playing but is hell bent upon turning it inside out. Mohan says whoever it is , is someone very close to Addu. Mohan says they need to find that person.

Navi-Beera-Mohan arrive at Vyas house. Megha comes out and is surprised to see Mohan. Navi is happy to see Guru. Mohan tells Megha that he needs to speak to her. Mohan holds her hand and leads her away. While going he tells Jiji that Navi has something good to tell everyone. RJ calls him “Papu” asks him to come back soon. Navi is surprised and has FB of meeting RJ for the first time and arguing with her. Navi looks at Guru who tells her that RJ is Mohan’s adopted daughter. Guru introduces RJ to Guru and tells her that Navi is Megha’s daughter. They both wave at each other.

MM in Mohan’s old house. Megha walks around the house having FB’s of good times with Mohan. Megha says that she is seeing the house after 12 years even though she had the keys she never mustered the courage to look into the house. Megha says she was worried that what happened 12 years back… Mohan says such is life and that we always think something will happen but something else happens. Mohan says this house has seen dreams being broken but even today there is a ray of hope.

Renu serves water to Beera and is pleased to see him. Renu asks what the good news. Beera says the news is so awesome that everyone would be super happy hearing it.

Mohan tells Megha that Addu is alive as the story they heard in the hospital was false. Megha is happy. Mohan says there is someone who doesn’t want us to reach to Addu. Mohan tells her how Navi-Beera investigated after they left. Mohan wipes Megha’s tears and asks her not to give up on someone she hasn’t left for the past 12 years. Mohan holds his hand out and Megha holds its. Megha puts her head on his hand and says she wished she had held his hand 12 years back and stopped him from leaving. Mohan says he too could have returned and asked for another chance to find Addu. MM hug and Mohan assures Megha that there will come a day when they will all be happy as one family, under one roof.

Munna doing pushups and Ragini watches him. Ragini tries to distract him but Munna is totally focused. Ragini calls him Addu but that doesn’t stop or distract Munna. Ragini thinks that if Munna was Addu then he would have at least looked up. Munna comes there and asks her to stop interfering or she will not be able to bear the hurt. Ragini says that hurt cannot be as bad as the hurt he is giving her now. Munna says if I tell you, you wouldn’t be able to bear it. Ragini asks him to try her.

Megha is pleased when Mohan tells her that Addu is alive. Mohan tells her that all the evidence they got about Addu even though false was sent by someone who is very close to him(Addu). Mohan says till today we were searching for links to Addu but now we will have to find a link to his friend. Mohan says now Addu’s friend will lead us to Addu.

MM return and RJ hugs Mohan. RJ says bye to DT and holds Mohan’s hand. Navi notices this. Mohan takes blessing from Jiji and just as he is about to leave he notices Navi. Navi and him do their routine chin touching thing. RJ is looks at them in jealousy. Mohan-Guru-RJ leave.

Navi asks Megha why no one informed her that RJ is Mohan’s daughter. Megha tells Navi that she should be thankful that Mohan had RJ who was kept him sane and loving all these years. Jiji agrees.

Navi is serving food and Megha asks her to serve Beera first as he is thee reason their hope returned. Renu praises herself for finding the right tenant for the house. Renu thanks him on behalf of the whole family. Beera says he is stuffed with all their love. Beera says he is going to leave. Aarti is pleased and asks him to keep visiting. Megha is taken aback and asks where he is going. Aarti tells Megha that Beera leaving because of Navi. Renu asks her to shut up and says that it is a family matter and that together they will ask Beera to stay back Jiji agrees and asks Beera to stay back as they need to go to the temple the next day. Megha asks him to stay back and asks Navi to ask Beera to stay back. Beera asks Megha to leave it and that he is going to leave. Beera thanks them for their love and says if after Dada he found love it was in this house. Beera leaves. Renu scolds Navi of being thick and not stopping Beera.

Precap: Megha calls Mohan and asks him if he wanted to say something. Mohan says no. Megha says I felt you had something to say that’s why I called. Mohan asks her if she has something to say. Megha says no. Mohan laughs and says why they are behaving like kids. MM laugh(Na Bole Tume (Tere Ishq Mein) ) playing in BG.

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