Anandiba Aur Emily 4th July 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily 4th July 2022 Written Update by Amena

Anandiba Aur Emily 4th July 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anandi doing the aarti. She introduces her elder bahu Gunjan to the guests. She says I got lucky twice when I found my second bahu Sulakshana. She says you here, then who is there in the Ghunghat. Sulakshana says you have taken a wrong turn, we also took a wrong turn, and I got married to someone else. Anandi runs to see the bride’s face. She gets shocked seeing an American girl. Anandi asks who are you. The girl says I m Sharon from America. Anandi shouts get out. Anandi is sleeping. She talks in sleep. Gunjan asks Sulakshana to impress Anandi.

Anandi wakes up and tells about her dream. Gunjan says its okay, morning dreams don’t come true always, how will Aarav meet any American girl. Anandi says I want Bharatiya Bahu, just like you. Gunjan says Aarav’s marriage will happen in the right family, I will get my shadow, Aarav has gone to do a puja for America trip. Aarav is with the pandit, doing a puja. He says I have to go to America. Pandit takes money from him. He asks Aarav to fill the visa form on Monday, he will succeed

Sulakshana asks Gunjan to come soon, Baa is calling. Gunjan says you have to think well, if my Saas sees my hands clean, she will think I m useless, I have to show that I do a lot of work. She applies flour to her hands. Sulakshana says you are really clever. Gunjan says Anandi worships me. She goes to Anandi and shows her hands. Anandi says Gunjan always does some work. She asks Gunjan to get ready for bahu pujan. Anandi says yes, Devi can forget, a devotee doesn’t. Gunjan argues with Gulab and Kanchan. She tries to impress Anandi. Anandi says Bahus aren’t less than Devis. Gunjan says Bahus don’t have a house, but you made a temple for me, and made me Devi. Anandi says every Saas should worship their bahus. Anandi gets dizzy. She says my bp is low. Aarav comes home running. He meets Anandi. She says everything is fine, is everything fine in your America, I m rehearsing it. Aarav says you will live a 100 years. She makes him emotional. He says just let me complete my dreams. She says I also wish that your dream comes true, you have to promise me, you will marry an Indian girl and not go away anywhere. Aarav thinks how shall I promise. His friend calls him. Aarav makes an excuse and goes. His friend says Manjula is coming from the US, impress her and she will take you to the US. Aarav says I will serve her well and impress her. The bus comes. Aarav says my US ticket is in that bus. His friend gets a message from Manjula… I couldn’t come, but my neighbor Emily is coming. Emily gets down the bus.

Aarav is stunned seeing her. The rose petals fall on Emily. She removes the veil off her face. Aarav smiles seeing her. Jaman and Aarav meet Emily. Emily greets them by saying wrong words. Aarav says she is saying Namaskar. Jaman says Aarav is like my brother. Aarav says brother for him, but a friend for you. Jaman says you can stay in Aarav’s house. Aarav says if mum sees her, then it will be a problem. Jaman says you can just make her stay in the room upstairs. Anandi is busy with the guests. Emily comes home and says what a big house, so many people are here. He says no, Gondal talks are going on. Emily likes the room. Aarav says I m little bit of America here, you are total America. Anandi says this marriage can’t stay over a month. The groom’s dad asks why. Anandi says there is no status match, even if there is the community match. She talks to Hari’s daughter. The girl tells everything true about herself. Anandi says there will be some good match, but these both families aren’t suitable, so it’s a no from my side. Aarav asks Emily not to open the door. Manohar and Hari accept Anandi’s decision. Manohar’s son says but I like the girl. Manohar asks Anandi to forgive his son. Anandi says its your mistake that your son isn’t in your control. Emily gets scared seeing a rat. Anandi praises Gunjan, Aaghya and Aarav. Emily comes downstairs, shouting rat. She falls in Aarav’s arms. Everyone looks on shocked.

Emily says I will get my love here, give me a signal, who is made for me. She opens eyes and sees Aarav. Anandi gets shocked seeing Aarav and Emily at the door, wearing garlands.

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