Anupamaa 10th July 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 10th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Anupamaa 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Babu ji telling Vanraj that the house don’t seems to be their own now, and says he is not taunting him, and tells that you are a good son and may be someone will get good son like you in this time. He says you have taken big responsibilities in young age, you had made two bedrooms house, as big house, and have spent on it, and that’s why you can do whatever you want for your children, and tells that it is their part of memory, his babu ji had build the foundation, and you and your sister were born there, and it was like our partner and if it breaks then we will feel pain. He says Leela and I will sign on the papers happily, and says you can make tower and shall stay there happily, but we will not stay there and will stay here.

Vanraj says I will die, if you stay here. Anuj says if you have problem with the children then shall scold them, and asks them to come. Anupama asks them to come. Vanraj asks them to come. Babu ji says I will not come. Vanraj says I try to maintain balance between my parents and children and I want both, and can’t stay without either of them, and tells that he is ready to be grinded between them and asks them to come. Baa asks Babu ji, they shall listen to Vanraj’s sayings. Babu ji asks her to go, but leave him here. He says people of my age are here, there is nobody who will scold me or misbehave with me. He says after a certain age, it is good to leave. He says you shall handle the house, and let us stay far, relations will be good. He says if you want then can come and meet us, and if we want then we will come and meet you. He says live your life, the way you wants and let us spend our remaining days as per our wish.

Vanraj says if you want to stay here, then I will not say anything. He says your happiness matters to me a lot, I don’t know how to live without you both, but I will try. Babu ji asks Vanraj to send the property papers, he will sign. Anupama says Babu ji….Babu ji asks her not to say anything and asks her to sign on the NOC. He says we have much work and sit down to make papad. Anupama thinks their real place is in the house, she will not let them stay here. Vanraj goes out. Anuj asks Anupama to come, and says right now they will not listen.

Vanraj returns home. Kavya asks where are they, when will they return? Kinjal, Titu, Dimpy and others ask him to say. Vanraj signs no. Kinjal asks if they will stay there. Pakhi says Baa and Babu ji want to prove themselves helpless and want to prove her villian. Kavya says you yourself proves it. Pakhi says Baa is a hypocrite. Kavya says they shall bring them. Aadhya comes there. Vanraj says I pleaded infront of them, but they refused. He says they will not come on your mother’s saying too. The kids come, Mahi asks where is Baa, I have to have kesar milk. Ishu asks where are they? Ansh asks why they are not seated on the sofa and swing, if they have went to temple. Aadhya asks the kids to come with her, as she wants to show them something. Pakhi says even kids will cry now, what we shall say. Kavya says if you say anything, then I will not stop, and says even your Papa can’t stop me today. Toshu says Kavya. Kavya says shut up. She reminisces her moments with them and says they are our backbone, they can’t be just in the photos, our elders left the house, and tells Vanraj that everything happened so fast that he is not understanding. He says Babu ji must not have mean it, and says we will go there in sometime, and will bring them back. Kinjal says yes.

Dimpy says if we all go then they will come. Vanraj says they will not come. Kavya says we will take kids along with us, and will bring them. Dimpy says she dont know what to make. Titu says we are dependent on them for even small things. Vanraj says nobody will go, only I will go to them to get their signs on the property papers.

Toshu and Pakhi say they shall take their signs. Kavya says so much happened and you care for the property even now. Vanraj says if you are a great bahu then I am also not a bad son. Kavya says they went due to your daughter. Vanraj asks shall I throw her on the road. Kavya says then you will throw your parents out. He says I didn’t ask them to go, but they went and I respected their decision, though I didn’t like it. He says I respected everyone’s relation, and says I have spent much time with my parents, and now I am Dada, but still I wants my parents, but they don’t want their son. He says I will sell the house and will give their share to everyone, so that no fight happens after my death. He says I will think about bringing them back anyhow, as I can’t live without them. He asks Toshu to come with him and get Babu ji’s signs. Toshu says ok.

Pakhi says Mummy shall sign too. Anupama comes and says I will not sign, though Babu ji had told. Vanraj says don’t make my mind go mad. Anuj says easy Vanraj. Vanraj asks him not to interfere in his house matters. Anuj says I don’t like to interfere, but maintain respect when you talk to me or Anu. Anupama says whatever you do, I will not sign. Vanraj asks what is your problem? Anupama says you are my problem. Vanraj says what is the reason that you are refusing as Babu ji himself asked you to sign. She says I am just asking you not to sell this house, and says even I am getting much angry, then also I am requesting you with folded hands, don’t sell this house. She says let Baa and Babu ji spend their last days in their house, and says elders want their house and their house corner.

She says everyone will get everything when the tower will be made, but Baa and Babu ji will not be there, their fondness, memories etc will not be there. She says don’t snatch their save space from there. She says it is very difficult for elders to accept the change, and says this house is their life, if this house breaks then they will die. Vanraj asks Anuj to take Anupama from here, and stop her 5 pages lecture. Anupama asks him to stay in limits. Vanraj says I am not their enemy, I love them a lot and will run to them, if they call me, but I have to think about my children too. He says did you ever think about your children, and have thought about yourself. She says if you have thought about them, then you would have signed on the NOC. Anuj says if she starts telling what she did for her children, then it will be never ending. Pakhi says she must have done, but when she came here, she started interfering and asks her to go back to US. Toshu asks why you are interfering in our happiness. Kavya says Anupama shall not sign, she has done so much for you, and you are not thankful to her. Toshu says she made me waiter, and haven’t given me money, but gave it to Mr. Dhillion, if mother does this. Anupama looks on hurt.

Precap: After a leap of some years, Anupama is in the old age home. She teases the old age people for meeting each other. She gets them married. Anuj is shown in a bad condition looking at the flower.

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