Jhanak 10th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bipasha and Lal taunting Jhanak. Jhanak says I didn’t do anything wrong with Arshi. Shrishti says no use to say this, you came with police and you will go with them, you are doing the same thing as your mum, you will suffer. Anirudh looks on. Shrishti asks them to play the video. The lady inspector says we have a video clip. Shrishti asks will we get a proof in it. Inspector says yes. Mrinalini thanks the officers. Jhanak thinks no one is talking to me. Choton takes the pendrive. Shubh asks Appu to stay calm. Bablu asks Jhanak to sit. Tanuja says it’s the limit. Bablu says she can sit and see the proof, what’s the harm. Anjana says I trust you, Jhanak, even if you confess your crime, then also I won’t accept it, don’t get scared, we are with you. Jhanak cries. Dadi asks her to not start crying now. Anirudh says we should come to the point. Mrinalini says yes, I m also getting late. Dadi asks them to play the video. Anirudh says I have a request, no one will say anything till the video ends. Mrinalini asks Jhanak to come and see the evidence. Everyone sees the video clip. They get shocked seeing Shrishti burning Jhanak’s saree. Vinayak and everyone stare at Shrishti. Bipasha says look there, how Jhanak threw the diya. Bablu asks them to rewind it and see. Mrinalini says make the video speed slow. Shrishti worries. Vinayak says Shrishti, you …. Mrinalini says the proof is in front of everyone. Shrishti asks what does this mean. The lady inspector says Mrinalini has helped us in bringing the truth out. The inspector says an innocent girl would have got jailed because of you, I would have not forgiven myself. Appu says Jhanak got saved. The lady inspector thanks Mrinalini for helping them. Choton says I had faith, Jhanak can’t do this. Dadu says I knew it, Jhanak is innocent. Bablu says I told you the same, my faith was right. Anirudh thinks you have saved me from getting ashamed, thank you Jhanak, I m sorry if I have doubted you, forgive me.

Appu says you weren’t wrong, Jhanak. She taunts Shrishti for lying. Shrishti shouts Appu… Vinayak says you have done this shameful act. Shrishti asks what do you mean. He asks do I need to explain you, I have seen everything myself, what will you tell now, is this video fake, you said you will chain Jhanak’s feet and ruin her life, this was your intention. She says that diya slipped on Jhanak’s pallu by mistake, but Jhanak has thrown that video towards Arshi intentionally. The lady inspector says we have promised Anirudh, we will catch the culprit. Shubh says this proof isn’t enough. Inspector says this proof is enough to file a case, I took Jhanak for investigation on Shrishti’s saying, I have video proof also.

Shrishti asks will you arrest me, my daughter is in hospital. Anirudh says Arshi is there because of you. She asks how dare you. Dadu says Arshi is suffering because of you, you have tried to burn Jhanak and burnt Arshi, you did a crime, this is called cold blooded attempt to murder, when you couldn’t burn Jhanak then you tried to send her to jail by a false blame, we have seen your crime, you should get punished, tell me, why did you do this, and now you can’t explain anything. Bablu asks Shrishti to say. Vinayak says Shrishti will get punished, she has played a game. Inspector says there is nothing to say. He signs the lady inspector to arrest Shrishti. The lady inspector drags Shrishti. Vinayak stops Shubh. Jhanak says stop. She says Shrishti is my Maasi, and Maasi is like my mum. She says she might refuse to our relation, but she is my Maasi, I don’t want to file any complaint against her. Everyone looks on. Jhanak says Sir, please, end this matter here, Arshi is still in the hospital, she can’t handle another shock, its not the right time, so you won’t arrest her. Inspector says we will file a complaint, she has tried to mislead us. Jhanak says no, please, don’t do this, it’s a family matter, the misunderstandings are between us, she wanted me to get punished, I can’t believe that she hates me, she loves Arshi a lot, her way was wrong, she should have not done this, she was angry on me, I request you to not arrest her, free her. Shrishti stares at her. Appu asks why is Jhanak saving her.

Jhanak says if you take Shrishti, then my mum will leave me, she will get upset with me and ask me if she gave me these values, I will go very far from their lives, everything will get fine, Shrishti has worked hard to earn her name, her hardwork will be ruined if she goes to jail, I have to think of Arshi, when she recovers and returns home, when she learns that her mum has gone to jail then what will she go through, I know my mum is watching me, she always shows me the right path, I know the pain of losing a mother, I can’t make Arshi away from her mum, Arshi’s operation is left and then her marriage, she needs her mum, please I request you, leave Shrishti. The lady inspector says Shrishti, you wanted to burn this girl and send her to jail, look, she is folding hands for you, you are a good artist but a bad person, take a lesson and change your thinking. The police leaves. Shrishti stares at Jhanak. Jhanak packs her bags. She thinks I won’t keep any promise now. She cries and thinks either become a star like Urvashi or find own destination, there is no place for good people in this world, will I lose… Urvashi fought and protected me, I will find the one who cheated her, I will ask him for an answer. She thinks where shall I go and how will I stay alone, I have some money. She asks Urvashi to show her the path and take care of her.

Jhanak writes a letter for Anirudh and leaves. He calls her out. He gets the note. She reaches Mumbai. She participates in a dance contest and prays. She collides with someone and says you….

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