Anupamaa 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa 22nd May 2023 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Anuj wakes up dreaming of Anupama waking him up and wishing him good morning. Maaya knocks the door and walks in greeting him good morning and says he must be feeling comfortable as he returned to his house. Anuj walks away saying he will get Little Anu ready. Maaya thinks he entered his house and soon will enter her heart. Samar video chats with Dimpy and they get into usual almost married couple cute nok jhok. Dimpy asks him to reveal his fmaily’s sangeet plans. He says its a secret and says her family must be practicing on Bole Chudiya Bole Kangana. song. Dimpy says this is not 2003. She says she felt good when Anuj and Maaya sat for pooja for her. Samar says Anuj and Little Anu were behaving weirdly. Dimpy asks him to forget about and reveal if he is taking her to London, Paris, USA, or somewhere else for honeymoon. Samar says she should dream according to their financial status, it would be great if they get their own room in Shah house.

Dimpy says his room is too small for 2 people, so he should ask his father to exchange room as his father stays alone and adjust in a small room. Samar says though papa is alone now and Kavya left him, everyone deserves privacy; he will work hard and will try to give her the best. Dimpy says he can build a new room instead and since he avoided a question of honeymoon, she will ask Anuj to sponsor their honeymoon. Samar says its a big deal for him, he will not accept Anuj’s favor anymore and its good that Vanraj repaid Anuj’s loan or else he would have somehow paid it. He asks her to think again about the marriage as there is a lot things which they have to compromise.

Anupama and Nakul have a dance face off beautifully. Gurumaa watches their dance and says Anupama has refined her dance in a month’s practice and even left Nakul behind. Anupama feels happy. Gurumaa says she should return in the evening for costume trial. Anupama recalls family excitedly waiting to watch her performance during Samar’s sangeet ceremony. She agrees to return in the evening. Gurumaa senses she wants to say something. Anupama requests her to attend Samar’s wedding as her blessings is very auspicious to her. Gurumaa walks away without saying anything. Nakul feels jealous hearing Gurumaa praising Anupama and walks away. Anupama tells Bhairavi that they should return home soon as she needs to visit a market. She prays god that Gurumaa attends Samar’s wedding for sure.

Anuj visits a market to buy gifts for Dimpy’s wedding. Anupama also reaches same market. Ye Laal Ishq.. song plays in the background. They both come across each other. A bell rings. Anuj says this is a sign that she her days for visiting America are nearing. Anupama says she will visit America this time for sure. Balloon seller passes by and balloons fall on them. They both laugh. Balloon seller complains. Anuj pays him. Vanraj gets nervous when Anupama doesn’t return home with Bhairavi. Maaya also panics when Anuj doesn’t return and fears if Anuj went to Shah house to meet Anupama. Anupama asks Anuj what he wanted to speak yesterday. Anuj recalls Maaya’s panic attacks and asks Anupama if she is going to Shah house, he will drop her. Anupama says he already left her. Anuj says they should go together when they are going to the same place. Anupama says that is not possible. Anuj brings his bike and insists her. She sits beside him. Koi Faryaad Mere Dil Me Basi Hai Jaise… song polays in the background. Anuj recites a poem in his mind.

Precap: Anuj informs Anupama what happened when he left Mumbai to meet her and apologizes her. They both hug emotionally.

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