Anupamaa 24th May 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa 24th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 24th May 2023 Written Episode

Maaya asks Anupama to apply mehandi on her hands as Little Anu said she draws good mehandi. Everyone look at her angrily. Maaya tells Anupama all mehandi artists are busy, so she should just write Anuj’s name on her hand. She asks Little Anu to write her, Maaya, and Anuj’s name on Anuj’shand. Little Anu happily agrees. Dolly says Anupama doesn’t draw mahandi on everyone’s hand and asks mehandi designer Jalpa to apply mehandi on Maaya’s hand. Maaya asks Jalpa to write Anuj’s hand on her hand. Leela taunts that she can write Anuj’s name, his spec’s number, and even kundali on her hand. She asks another designer to apply mehandi on Anupama’s hand. Little Anu writes A M A on her hand. Designer writes Anuj’s name on Anupama’s hand, leaving all Shahs disappointed Jalpa spoils Maaya’s mehandi by mistake. Everyone smile seeing that. Kavya recalls Rakhi taunting her that she is seeing one man’s name on 2 women’s hands for the firs time and Anupama wiping Kavya’s mehandi.

Hasmukh signals Samar. Samar says there should be some masti in the function. Kinjal says there is sangeet also tonight, let’s finish mehandi fast. Anuj wipes M from his hand. Toshu looks at Kinjal. Kinjal feels angry. Maaya asks Anuj to write his name on her hand as he has already written his name on her hand. Anuj looking at Anupama obliges, leaving everyone shocked. Dolly diverts everyone’s attention. Anupama feels disheartened and walks away from there. Maaya girns at Barkha who girns at Vanraj. Kanta notices them. Anupama thinks she felt severe pain, but will not react until she knows truth. She wipes her tears and walks away. Anuj watches her hiding and says sorry. Bhavesh notices Kanta tensed and asks if something happened. Kanta reveals how Barkha, Maaya, and Vanraj were signaling each other. Bhavesh says they are definitely conspiring against Anupama. Kanta says they need to protect Anupama from them.

In the evening, sangeet ceremony starts. Maaya sits besides Anuj and grins at Anupama. Kinjal and Ankush host the event and says they need to play antakshari and dance on the song. Hasmukh, Leela, Kanta, and Bhavesh go on stage first. They are given M word. They search for a song. Leela dances on a garba song first and then dances with team on Mujhko Hui Na Khabar… song. After their performance, Vanraj performs their nazar with money, leaving Kanta frowning. Everyone praise their performance. Samar jokes that elders are more cool than them. Bhavesh jokes not to include him with elders. Maaya says lets go on stage now as she can’t wait to dance with Anuj. Barkha warns her to not be so happy on her fate as it flip any time, she can’t underestimate Anupama.

Kinjal and Toshu dance on Ek Haseena Thi, Ek Deewana Tha.. song. Anuj and Anupama recall their meetings. Toshu holds Kinjal tightly. Kinjal stops in the middle and says enough now. Dolly asks what happened. Kinjal says she is exhausted as she is working since morning. Everyone clap for her. Anupama notices Kinjal and asks if she is fine. Kinjal says yes and walks away. Leela tells Anupama that everything looks fine between Toshu and Kinjal and if they get a second child, their differences will clear completely. Anupama says Pari is still small. Leela says so what, both kids will grow up together. Samar and Dimpy walk on stage next. Toshu asks Samar to show that they are superior. Kanta notices Barkha and Vanraj talking.

Precap: Vanraj, Anupama, Anuj, and Maaya perform on Humko Maaloom Hai.. song. Anupama asks Kavya if she is pregnant. Kavya nods yes.
Anupama says sometimes a few words have to be spoken for sure.

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