Anupamaa 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 3rd February 2024 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Shruti gets worried seeing the door open and thinks Aadhya and Anuj will make me mad, they didn’t take their phones. Anuj and Aadhya come home. Anuj tells Shruti that Aadhya had got panic attack again and needed some fresh air. Shruti asks why didn’t you tell me? She says she never tried to get closer to him and has a feeling that he is going away from her. Babu ji brings coffee for Kavya. Kavya says why did you bring it, and says you are sweet. Babu ji says that’s why I got diabetic. Kavya asks him to sit and says it is her break from the grooming classes. He asks how she is feeling to start work again. Kavya says she is feeling good and got confidence. Babu ji tells that one gets confidence when working, and says now his body doesn’t allow him to go out and work. Kavya gets a call and attends it.

Shruti says why I am feeling that Aadhya and you are going far from me. Anuj says good night and goes. Shruti says first I was bridge between Aadhya and you, and now it seems to be broken. She says I thought I had got my place, but now I feel that I am standing at someone else’s feet.

Kavya ends the call. Babu ji asks Kavya if she has any work for him. He says he don’t want to tell Vanraj as he might refuse and people might gossip. He asks her to give him some work not for money, but for his confidence. Kavya says ok, and asks him to make a list of the names which I say and then email me. She says this will be top secret. She tells that even Dimpy might feel to work, but she will not tell, and says we have to take her out of this darkness and give her some aim.

Kinjal says she got late today. He says again I have to eat bread and butter. She asks him to go to kitchen and make something. Anupama comes there and serves them hot food. They looks at the food and serves themselves. Anupama asks her to eat slowly and asks them not to have outside or junk food. Kinjal says they don’t have work to make food and Toshu doesn’t do anything. Anupama says Samar used to do everything, I tried to teach Toshu but Baa and Vanraj didn’t let her. She says both of you shall do all the work together. She tells Kinjal that they shall take time out, and asks what is the use if you don’t take care of yourself, what is the use of coming here. She asks them to have fruits if they couldn’t make food, but you brings chemical added juice. She says I will tell you, how to make food fast and how to cut vegetables fast. She shows how to cut pomegranate and says there are 100 ways to do it and 1000’s excuses not to do work if you don’t want to work. Kinjal says I will wake up Pari. Pari comes there ready to go to school. Toshu says you are ready. Anupama says kids need to be taught to get ready. She tells Pari that she kept tiffin in her bag. She gives them tiffin and says it is better than the junk food. Kinjal thanks her. Anupama says I am going for work and will drop Pari to school on the way. They leave. Toshu tells Kinjal that he don’t remember when did they sit peacefully like this last time. He says we shall keep Mummy stay with us. Kinjal says we need her.

Anupama comes to the restaurant and gets happy seeing the restaurant opened again. She touches the door step and prays to Kanha ji thanking him. She comes inside and asks Yashdeep if Kitchen is ready. She sees the new appliances and asks if the money is given by Insurance company. He says it was short circuit, so Insurance will be approved. He thanks her for calling him at the right time. He asks if she is fine. Anupama says yes. Vikram asks her to make masala tea. Anupama says lets start.

Later they keep the furniture in the restaurant and dance. They set the tables. Aadhya comes there and shouts 5 years passed, and I still hate you Mummy. Anupama says Choti…and goes to her with tears in her eyes. She says my bebli… Aadhya pushes her and says don’t touch me. Anupama says sorry beta.

Precap: Shruti tells Anuj that she had gone to Spice and chutney to meet Joshi behen, but came to know that she had fainted. Anupama tells Beeji that she can’t bear her children’s hatred. Anuj sends mogra flowers to Anupama and says he is sending her some peace. Anupama smells the flowers. Anuj hopes to meet her.

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