Jhanak 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arshi saying Tejas will take Jhanak. Shrishti says no, he isn’t her husband, she is married, we have to think well, how is she going. Arshi says long distance bus. Shrishti calls Tejas. He is sleeping. He wakes up and takes the call. Shrishti says Jhanak is going to Srinagar by the 7am bus. He asks what. She says yes, you don’t have time, you can go and catch her, you are close to bus stop. He asks is the news right. She says yes, Arshi told me, Anirudh’s dad went to drop Jhanak. He says it means I have to rush. Shubh asks Jhanak not to contact anyone. She says I won’t, but I can’t promise if anyone calls me. He says I m a lawyer, I will file a complaint and your entire life will be spent in the court, this story is over, go. She boards the bus. Shubh leaves. Anirudh says I will congratulate Jhanak, I m so proud of you. He sees his inner self. His inner self teases him about Jhanak. Anirudh says Jhanak will become famous one day, I will get happy for her. He comes home and sees Shubh. He thinks from where is he coming at this time. He asks Shubh where did you go. Shubh says I had some work, I went for a long drive, forget it, how was the party. Anirudh thinks maybe he doesn’t want to say. Shubh asks him to take rest. He says go and sleep, avoid coffee, your body needs rest. Anirudh goes.

Shubh thinks Jhanak can’t call Anirudh. A man asks Jhanak about her husband, is she going alone. She says I came here for some days, I m going to Srinagar. She cries. Anirudh goes to change his clothes. Shubh comes to his room. He says work is done. Tanuja, Lal and Bipasha get happy. Shubh says remember, we won’t tell Anirudh that we have sent her, there is no proof. Lal asks if Anirudh knows it. Tanuja says we will act like we don’t know, we will file a missing complaint. Shubh says its big relief. Anirudh gets a note from Jhanak. She writes…. I m going without meeting you, your family won’t let us meet, I don’t know if this letter will reach you or not, take care, don’t worry for me, you fought a lot for me, you also got insulted, I m sorry. He goes to Jhanak’s room. He worries.

He says Jhanak isn’t in her room, she left a letter, she is going to Kashmir. Anjana asks what, I don’t know anything. Anirudh says I saw dad coming home, did he …. He shouts dad and goes to Shubh. Shubh says Jhanak won’t call Anirudh. He goes to Anirudh. He asks what happened. Anirudh asks where is Jhanak. He argues with Shubh and Tanuja. He says Jhanak left this letter. They get shocked.

Shubh asks what’s written in it. Anirudh says she is going back to Kashmir, how is this possible, there is no train at this time. Chotan comes and asks what happened. Anirudh says Jhanak left, she said she is going to Kashmir, why suddenly. Tanuja says you mean we have ousted her from the house, would we give her time to write a letter. Anirudh says I will find the truth. Chotan says she was here, what did she write in letter. Anirudh says she said she is going out. Shubh asks did she write we have sent her. Anirudh says you don’t know her, we have no time, we have to find her. Tanuja asks why do you want to bring her back. Anjana says she is in danger. Shubh says we will file a police complaint, she is troubling us. Anirudh says Chotan, we have to find Jhanak. Bipasha asks how will you find her. Tanuja says yes, how will she get the ticket. Anirudh says we have to check bus and train station. Shubh asks him to call Arshi and take her permission. Anirudh says I don’t need Arshi’s permission to live my life. Anirudh leaves. Tejas comes to Jhanak. She gets shocked seeing him. He asks the man for the seat by lying to him. He sits with Jhanak and holds her hand.

Tejas sees Anirudh and threatens Jhanak about Anirudh. Anirudh sees Jhanak. Tejas looks on. Anirudh says Jhanak, you can’t go back. She says I m going with Tejas by my wish. He asks what. Tejas says yes.

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