Anupamaa 5th February 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 5th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 5th February 2024 Written Episode

Beeji asking Anupama to have something. Toshu tells Kinjal that they shall let mummy stay here, else their work will increase. Kinjal says she is our Mummy. Toshu asks what happened to Mummy? Yashdeep is about to say, but Anupama stops him and says she had fainted due to weakness. She says I will clean the restaurant before opening tomorrow. Yashdeep asks her not to worry about that. Toshu asks Anupama to come with them. Yashdeep says Anupama ji can’t go today, and says tomorrow Doctor will come and check her, then you can take her once she is fine. Beeji asks why you are troubling her today. Kinjal says we shall go now. Beeji tells Anupama that she came to know whatever happened in the restaurant and tries to pacify her. Kinjal tells Toshu that thank god, Pari didn’t see Mummy in this condition. Toshu asks what we will do, if she insists to meet Mummy. Kinjal says we will make her talk to Mummy.

He says life was sorted and smooth with much difficulty, and now again Pari’s argument and bread Jam. Kinjal says you again care for yourself and not Mummy. He says you are saying as if you care for her so much. Kinjal says please. Toshu says why can’t you accept that Mummy’s illness is inconvenient to you. Kinjal says yes, but we can feel bad for her atleast. She says we are selfish, but shall not be bad. Anupama and Yashdeep hear them. Kinjal says Mummy worked in our house and then went to the restaurant, anyone will get unwell. Toshu asks if we have to give the money for the treatment. Kinjal says ofcourse then who will pay. Toshu asks are you mad, and says treatment is expensive and Mummy might not have got insurance. He says Yashdeep can give money, but not me. He says Mummy has come to decrease our burden or increase our burden. He says lets go. Yashdeep is shocked. Anupama is shattered.

Pakhi tells Baa that the sales have increased since Tapish put the promotional video on social media. Baa asks why he will do it if you have tied him rakhi? Pakhi says I asked him and he shot for the video for free. Vanraj hears her and tells that he doesn’t like that guy. He says I have been bearing the losses of your store till now. Pakhi says she knows what she is doing and says all the losses will be covered. She thinks Titu will promote her store only. Dimpy comes there and gives water bottle to Vanraj. She recalls Babu ji, Kavya and Titu’s words and asks Vanraj to give her permission to open dance academy. She says she will handle the house and also dance academy. Vanraj says we will talk in the morning.

Yashdeep gives medicine to Anupama and asks her to sleep. Anupama rests on the bed to sleep. Anuj thinks how to enquire about Anupama. Shruti tells that Aadhya had gone to Carol’s house today. Anuj asks Shruti, what she is making? He asks if she learnt this recipe from Joshi behen. Shruti remembers that she has to call to enquire about her health. She says she got Yashdeep’s number. She calls yashdeep and asks about Anupama. Yashdeep says she is better now and sleeping. Just then Anupama coughs. Yashdeep goes to her and asks if she wants water. He asks her not to worry as he is there itself. Anuj and Shruti hear them. Shruti says Yashdeep ji is with her, and she will be fine. Yashdeep plays song for Anupama to cheer her up.

Vanraj comes to the hall and gives keys to Dimpy, saying she asked me something yesterday. He says my blessings are with you, you can handle home also. Dimpy thanks him and touches Baa and Babu ji’s feet. Baa says who will handle the kids. Dimpy says I will do everything. Kavya says even I am here and will handle the house. Babu ji says even we will help. Kavya thanks Vanraj and asks him to tell the terms and conditions. Vanraj says yes, I have conditions and has to be accepted. He says dance, choreographycostumes, props etc is your dept, but accounts, management, admissions, staff…everything I will look after. He says if you agree then its good else can return the keys. He thinks I will decide who will come to dance academy and I will not let Titu or someone like him come to academy.

Anupama wakes up and asks Yashdeep if he is here? He says Beeji had come for sometime. Anupama thanks him for playing the song. Yashdeep cheers her up and tells that he will check her BP if she doesn’t mind. Anuj comes to Aadhya’s room and thinks sorry bachhi, I am helpless at my heart. Aadhya is awake and pretending to be sleeping, thinks she did what was right for them. Anuj goes. Aadhya thinks I hope Mummy accepts our words and go away from us. Anuj thinks Aadhya will understand, she is my daughter and will understand. He thinks to meet Anupama.

Precap: Shruti introduces Anuj and Anupama to each other. She says she got call from studio and has to leave. Anuj says I need to talk to you Anupama.

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