Jhanak 5th February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 5th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jhanak recalling Tejas’ words and scolding Anirudh. Anirudh says don’t make this mistake, don’t go with Tejas, stay in a hostel if you don’t want to stay at home. The man asks Anirudh why are you troubling the girl. Tejas lies to the men about Anirudh kidnapping Jhanak. Anirudh says he is a liar, he is dangerous, he didn’t marry her, ask this girl. He asks Jhanak to say the truth. Tejas says yes, say it.

Shubh and Tanuja scold Anjana and ask her to take Appu away. Appu says I know, they are devils, they had ousted Jhanak. Shubh slaps her. Anjana holds Appu. Jhanak says no. Anirudh and Tejas ask her to say the truth, the people will help her. He says I came too far for your sake. Jhanak asks him to stop it. Anirudh argues with the people. Tejas asks Jhanak who is your husband, tell me, if Anirudh was your husband, then would you come with me. Anirudh asks her to say the truth, who did she marry. Bablu says you slapped Appu again. Shubh scolds him. Anjana says we should stay here, Shubh has slapped Appu again, he can slap me also. She scolds Lal.

Bipasha argues with Anjana. Jhanak says I won’t give an answer. Anirudh says everything depends on you, tell me. Tejas says we are leaving now, don’t do this drama. Anirudh says I want to hear it from Jhanak once. Jhanak says he said it, its enough. He says look at me and tell me, who is your husband. She says I won’t answer. The people scold Anirudh. Tejas asks Jhanak to come. Anirudh says leave her hand. Anjana asks Appu to come. Appu says I know it, I always say the truth, they don’t like Jhanak so they have sent her away. Shubh says she isn’t sick, she is clever. Anjana says take me from here. Bablu says we won’t go until mum and dad are here, we will leave this house when they pass away, I have promised them to stay here, its my promise that we will leave that day. Anirudh holds Jhanak’s hand. She stops him and asks him to go away. She asks how dare you hold my hand. He says its enough, you don’t put yourself in danger, come with me, don’t get scared of Tejas. Jhanak says I m going by my wish. Shubh says sorry for this behavior. Shrishti says Tejas is with Jhanak, he had come here for work, I informed him, it was imp so that Jhanak doesn’t trouble you all and my family. Tanuja says you did good, don’t get angry now, Jhanak is gone, Arshi will come home as our Lakshmi, trust us, everything will get fine. Arshi says I don’t trust Anirudh now. Jhanak says let me go, stop following me. Tejas says we have to go to police now, this man is harassing my wife. The people get angry. Jhanak stops the people and says its our matter, I m talking to him. Tejas says I don’t know what Anirudh did with you, but you are my wife, I want to keep you as my Rani, I won’t accept any insult now, you know what I can do.

Arshi says Anirudh went to get Jhanak. Tanuja says no, Jhanak has no place here. Shrishti asks will he listen to you. Shubh says yes. She asks why will he listen. Arshi says he isn’t answering my call. Shrishti says talk to him and end this matter. Jhanak says it won’t be needed, I will handle it. Anirudh looks at her. Jhanak says Anirudh is spoiling my life, I don’t want to go with him, but with Tejas, I hate you.

Anirudh speeds on his bike. He meets with an accident. Jhanak and Tejas hear the news of Anirudh’s accident. Bipasha calls Arshi and says Anirudh met with an accident. Jhanak runs on the road to meet Anirudh.

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