Anupamaa 9th May 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa 9th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 9th May 2023 Written Episode

Samar shouts how dare Anuj is to betray Anupama. Kavya asks him to relax as there must be some reason. Samar says Anuj clearly told he wants to live with Maaya and not Anupama, so its a clear betrayal. Vanraj says Anuj wants to take revenge from Anupama by hurting her back, he didn’t want to return at all. Kavya betrayal and hurting people is Vanraj’s nature and not Anuj’s, she is sure there must be some strong reason. Pakhi says Anuj genuinely wants to return and stopped for parent-teacher meeting, she is sure something must have happened. Hasmukh says no reason can be bigger than love, Anuj really did wrong. Ankush says he will visit Mumbai tomorrow and find out the reason, he is sure someone must have brainwashed him. Barkha shouts Anuj is not a kid to be brainwashed. Anupama walks to her room and removes her makeup. Do Naina Ek Kahani… song plays in the background. Kanta emotionally hugs her and says this is the reason she was unsure of Anuj’s promise, he didn’t come even after she spoke to him and confirmed his promise. Anupama says her and Anuj’s companionship was only till here, its time they walk on their own ways. Kanta asks if she is fine. Anupama says she is hurt and is surprised that she didn’t get a heart attack; she will think about herself from hereon and will never open Anuj’s chapter again; she will start afresh again alone.

Shahs return home. Leela says she told them that they shouldn’t visit Anupama, but they didn’t listen and went to celebrate with Anupama. Vanraj says he knew Anuj wouldn’t return and criticizes Anuj’s act. Kavya says she feels the issue is something else. Kinjal says even she thinks so. Vanraj says they both are still in delusion that Anuj would return and supporting Anuj. Samar says Anuj lost his respect after his betrayal. Kavya says she feels. Vanraj stops her and continues his point. Kavya says he will never understand anyone’s situation, be it Anuj, Anupama, or his wife Kavya wants and just thinks about himself. Vanraj asks what does she need. Kavya says she needs him as she left her husband and career because of him, but he is not bothered about her at all. Vanraj says he didn’t stop her from working. Vanraj that is his problem, he wants to overpower his wife; husband is not a warden to control his wife, he didn’t let her take up Delhi job and stopped his modeling career before it took off. Vanraj says wearing skimpy clothes and getting photos clicked is not called modeling. Leela asks them to stop their argument.

Vanraj continues his argument and criticizes her talking to Aniruidh. Kavya asks him to be specific and says when he and Leela are dreaming to bring Anupama home, then why can’tg she talk to Anirudh; why don’t he realize that he is just a father of her children and nothing else. She then tongue lashes him for letting her have children and says its good that she didn’t have children or else she would be ashamed to tell them that Vanraj is their father. Hasmukh shouts to stop it and fight again after he dies. At Kapadia mansion, Adhik tongue lashes Pakhi for trying to be a peacemaker between Anuj and Anupama and losing even a 5% chance of them reuniting again. Barkha joins him. Ankush then criticizes Vanraj and Toshu and says they are so toxic that he wouldn’t think of staying with them. Barkha says Anuj and Anupama will never return to this house, so Pakhi can either stay here or go away from there. Pakhi asks Adhik if he will not accompany her to their house. Adhik says no. Pakhi says then she will stay wherever husband stays.

Anupama lying on bed recalls quality time spent with Anuj. Do Nainaa.. song continues in the background. Bhairavi wipes her tears and asks if she is also not getting sleep. Anupama says no. Bhairavi says whenever she remembers her father, she gets a smile on her face as he used to scold her and even love her immensely. Anupama says father was worried for her and says they should remember only good memories and not bitter memories. Bhairavi repeats that she smiles whenever she remembers her father. Anupama says she should continue to smile then. Bhairiavi says let us sleep then as she needs to wake up early and sell vegetables. Anupama makes her asleep. She thinks she is hurt that he informed his decision and not reason, prays god to keep him and Little Anu wherever they are, she loves him but will not wait for him again. Next morning, Kavya walks out of her room with her bag. Kinjal asks if she is going somewhere. Kavya says she can forcefully stay in a house but not heart, so she has decided to leave this house. Shahs stand shocked hearing that. Kanta notices Anupama searching something and asks what is she searching. Anupama says her students gave her an advertisement of international cultural group visiting Ahmedabad. Kanta says she will get it and asks why she needs it. Anupama says only dance class is not enough and she needs to do something else. Kanta asks her to promise something.

Precap: Anupama informs Kanta that Kinjal got her admission in her admirer Guruma Malti Devi’s gurukul. Kavya leaves house warning Vanraj that there will a day when he will be alone with no one to his support. vanraj collapses.

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