Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sakina asking Shanti to call her Madam. Shanti calls her Madam. Sakina says you will go a long way. Shanti says just see where I send you. Mirza and Mishra come home and see Aashiq and Majnu cleaning the floor. They question them. Aashiq and Majnu reply that their wives are their bosses. Mirza comes to Sakina and tries to talk to her. Sakina says next. Mirza wakes her up. Sakina asks how did you come without permission. Mirza says if I need permission to sleep beside my wife. Sakina says I thought she is in office. Shanti tells Mishra that Sakina has become arrogant and asked her to call her Madam. Mirza asks Sakina what is the need to ask Shanti bhabhi to call you Madam. Sakina says I want her to call me Madam. Shanti says I will go beyond her, while calling her Madam. Mirza asks Sakina to forget everything. Sakina says neta ji is coming. Mirza asks her to think about him. Shanti asks him to say, how to please Neta ji. Mishra says I want to romance with you, and you are saying this. Shanti says you trapped me showing innocent face and that’s how three kids are born. She says she will not come in his talks. Sakina says she will get reshmi kabab of lucknow made for neta ji. Mirza says seems like I will not be happy. He tries to romance. She says she is sleepy. Mishra rests to sleep.

Next day, Mirza says I want to say something. Mishra says they are making halwa of our respect. Mirza says I want to say the same. Mishra asks Adi where is he going? Adi says I have taken football coaching. Mishra says you would have asked me. Adi says I asked Mummy and got 50 percent concession. Mirza asks Inaam if he didn’t go for PTM. Inaam says Principal said that he will meet Ammijaan in her office. He says main decision is taken by her in the house. Mirza and Mishra feel lowered infront of their children due to their wives.

Shanti talks to Mantri ji and says she has done arrangements to welcome him. She asks what did he think about the party ticket. Sakina tries calling him and doubts that Shanti is talking. She comes there and sees Shanti talking. Sakina says you would have taken my permission. Shanti says he didn’t ask me to give call to you. Neta ji calls Sakina and tells that both shall not praise him to get the ticket. He says whoever wants to get the ticket, shall get the maximum charity for the party. Shanti says even I was trying to prosper. Sakina says lets see who gets the maximum charity.

Sakina talks to someone and asks for the charity for the party. He writes 4 lakhs cheque. Shanti comes there talking to Mantri ji and says what did you say that cowshed plan is dismissed. The guy takes back the cheque. Shanti tries to get charity from a guy. Sakina tells that the road can’t be made now and will be made after 5 years. The man leaves.

Shanti and Sakina argue. Shanti says I made you councilor. They have an argument. People gather there to see their argument. Bittu tells Pappu that they shall record their video. He records the video. Sakina says your work is to fight. Shanti asks her not to make her angry. She then realizes that people are watching them, and stops the fight. Shanti tells Sakina that they shall befriend each other again, else they will have to do the housework again. Bittu comes to Mirza and Mishra, and others and tells that he will become councilor again. Mirza says they are fed up of their wives. Mishra says they will be very happy, if you make them sit at home again. Bittu shows the video to them. Pappu tells that they will show the video to the Mantri ji. Mishra and Mirza get happy to know that their image will be ruined. BBC asks what about my job? Bittu says you will get back.

A guy comes to the office. He introduces himself as Gopal Tiwari, the builder. Sakina sys I heard much about you. Gopal tiwari tells that he is making a mall and there is some problem. He asks them to get Minister’s sign on the Mall papers, and then he will give them 50 Lakhs towards party fund. Sakina and Shanti get surprised.

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