Baarish 10th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 10th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 10th April 2020 Written Episode

Anuj gets a video call from Shreya that she broke up with Aniket and is going to Dubai. Gauravi calls Aniket and asks what happened exactly. He says an argument turned into fight and asks what did she say and where is she now. Gauravi says Shreya told she is not happy in this marriage and since it was her decision of marriage, she took whole responsibility and has gone to Dubai. Anuj in grief hears their conversation and when she tries to leave holds her hand and requests her to be with him as he is feeling alone. She says he is not alone.

Shreya calls Rishi and informs that she took a wrong decision of marrying Aniket, he slapped and verbally abused her, sends voice regarding; says now she pursued her modeling career dream by getting wild card entry into Dubai fashion competition and he should not inform it to anyone. Rishi says he is always on her side. Anuj tries to call Shreya and she disconnects his call. Rishi walks to him and informs that he spoke to Shreya and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, they shouldn’t have let her marry Aniket, he slapped and verbally abused her, makes him hear voice recording. Anuj with Gauravi and Rishi reaches Aniket’s house and makes family hear voice recording. Rishi tries to hit Aniket, but Aniket pushes him away. Gauravi slaps Aniket for being aggressive and warns him to calm down. He blames Aniket for Shreya’s condition, and Aniket says clap cannot happen with single hand and its also Shreya’s mistake. Rishi warns to call police, but Anuj stops him and takes him away. Mother asks Gauravi to stay back for sometime and Anuj permits her. Mother informs her whole issue happened and how Shreya was verbally abusive and blew a small issue out of control, etc. Gauravi walks to Aniket and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Aniket says she is his best friend and knows that he cannot raise hand on Shreya, etc.

Rishi with Anuj returns home. Mother/Padmini asks what happened. Rishi shouts Aniket is not ready to accept his mistake, he ruined Shreya’s life; he had warned many times not to get Shreya married to Aniket, but they didn’t listen. After sometime, he walks to Anuj and says Shreya left luxuries for Aniket, but he is mistreating her so badly; on the other side, Gauravi’s life became better and she is staying in luxuries peacefully, his one decision ruined Shreya’s life. Gauravi returns home and sees Anuj heavily inebriated. He says he made a mistake and is seeing Shreya in pain. She says he didn’t make any mistake and makes him sleep.

Next morning, Aniket’s mother walks to his room. Aniket says he got a full time job as kick boxing coach till he gets back his bank job. Mother asks him to accompany them to Shreya’s house and apologize family to not exaggerate the issue. Aniket asks if they will say that they forgave Shreya’s mistake, he will not tolerate Shreya’s drama again and let herself come back. Mother and father reach Shreya’s house and apologize on Aniket’s behalf. Rishi misbehaves as usual. Padmini says Aniket himself should have come to apologize for his mistake. Gauravi says its not Aniket’s mistake. Anuj stops her and supports Shreya. Their arguments starts and Anuj says he is on his sister’s side. Gauravi says then she is on her brother’s side.

Precap: No precap.

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