Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 10th April 2020 Written Update

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 10th April 2020 Written Update by Amena

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 10th April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maharaj waiting for Gandhari. Daasis come and argue with Mandakani. Albert says Daasi is also a daughter, bahu, she also gets hurt, she is also a woman. He asks Gandhari to do justice with them. Gandhari says woman can be alone, but not helpless, I m with Dharm. She joins the Daasis. Albert asks shall we about the work, we will go on hunger strike. Sanjay asks what, they will be staying hungry, if anything happens to them, Maharaj has to bear the consequences. Maharaj says Senapati, ask the guards to arrest them.

Senapati says the guards have also gone on strike, I have to join them too. Suryabhan’s Senapati comes to Suryabhan and says I have a bad news, our wrestler has gone on strike, he will not go for Malyudh, all the guards have gone on strike. Suryabhan gets shocked. Senapati says Daasi Damodari is responsible for the strike. Albert is on the strike. The daasi asks him to have some fruits. Albert asks can I get some fruits. Daasi says Mandakani has eaten one orange. Albert goes aside and eats oranges. Mandakani catches her. Albert says you have also eaten the orange. Mandakani says check her well, you will get more oranges. Albert gives the oranges. Mandakani says we will either win or die by hunger. Albert says you may threaten to burn yourself. Mandakani gets an idea and goes to everyone. She says Damodari has announced that if Maharaj doesn’t fulfill our demands, then she will enter the walk. Everyone chants Damodari’s name. Mandakani says Praja will call you Maha Daasi Damodari.

Maharaj takes a bath and calls out Gandhari. Shakuni comes to meet him. He reads Suryabhan’s letter … wrestlers have left, I decided that Malyudh will happen between us, he will call you a coward. Maharaj says tell him that I accept this challenge. Both the Kings come for the Malyudh. Everyone chants Maharaj ki Jai….

Suryabhan and Maharaj begin to fight in the battle. Maharaj catches Shakuni by mistake. Sanjay asks him to leave Shakuni and catch Suryabhan. Gandhari asks Daasi if she is ready to burn herself. Albert says no. Mandakani says she is naughty. She asks them to take Damodari. Maharaj falls down. Shakuni counts down and smiles. Sanjay goes there and asks Maharaj to fight. Maharaj asks what. Sanjay asks him to just do the yoga. Maharaj pushes Suryabhan away. Sanjay guides Maharaj with the yoga aasans. Mandakani asks Gandhari to burn Albert/Damodari. Albert asks them to leave her, else they will get punished. Gandhari says we are fighting for equality, no one is queen and no one is maid here. Mandakani asks why isn’t doing the good work. Maharaj starts making sounds. Suryabhan comes to ask are you fine. Sanjay asks Maharaj to push him.

Suryabhan goes behind Maharaj to push him. Sanjay leads Maharaj again. Maharaj kicks back and Suryabhan falls down. Shakuni counts down and wants Suryabhan to get up. Maharaj wins. Suryabhan is taken by his Senapati. Shakuni slaps himself. Suryabhan hits on his head. Mandakani takes the fire torch. Sunaina stops her. She asks them to stop it right now. Sanjay and Maharaj come there on time. Maharaj says I have defeated Suryabhan today, it got possible because of Sanjay, as a prize, I have given him a promise that I m ready to fulfill his wish. Sanjay says my wish is that… respect the maid and guards, give them a right to vote, free Damodari first. Albert gets freed. Maharaj hugs Sanjay.

Sanjay says someone is going to steal. Maharaj asks Senapati to guard the treasure. Suryabhan makes a plan to steal. Maharaj and Gandhari stay awake and protect the treasure.

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