Baarish 3rd April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 3rd April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 3rd April 2020 Written Episode

Shreya insists Anuj and Gauravi to practice dance for sangeet ceremony. Gauravi nervously tells Aniket that he and Shreya can, but she will not. Aniket reminds her that she knows kathak. Choreographer teaches warm up, and Anuj asks why is he teaching yoga. Shreya says its warmup exercise. Aniket challenges Shreya that Anuj and Gauravi will not dance, Shreya says she will make them dance. Choreographer asks Anuj to hold Gauravi’s waist. He nervously says how can he in front of everyone. Choreographer says she is his wife. Anuj says she is not yet, even if she is, he will not hold lady’s waist in front of everyone. He nervously says he is going to shop and leaves, and Gauravi follows him. Anuj tells Shreya that she lost; she says she will make them dance, just wait and watch. After sometime, they both intimate during rehearsal and try to find a place. Shreya’s friends meet her and asks why didn’t she arrange a destination wedding. Shreya says her mom wanted a simple wedding as they are gujrati’s and Aniket’s family is Maharastrian. They ask her to set a separate Aniket’s middle class family at least during wedding. Shreya says she will move out of her in-laws’ house with Aniket anyways.

Rishi is busy in a romantic chat over phone with Falguni when mother enters and he acts as speaking to his friend. Mother asks why didn’t he attend brother’s engagement, will he attend wedding or not. Rishi says his dearest friend is getting married and he needs to be present there, anyways his presence doesn’t matter and mother is always worried about brother than him.

Anuj drives car and asks Gauravi if she wanted to dance. She says no, good he took him out from there. He plays music. She asks if he learnt singing. He jokes from bathroom gharana, then says bad joke. She says it was good. They continue chatting while driving.

Mehandi rituals start. Videographer records Gauravi’s each family member’s opinion regarding her. Each describe their feelings for Gauravi. Anuj’s mother praises his nature and taking up family’s responsibility at an young age after father’s death and says every parents should have a child like Anuj. In the evening, sangeet ceremony starts. Anuj waits for Gauravi and her family. Falguni walks to him and says he is looking dashing, they are meeting after their breakup,she is happy for him, etc.. Gauravi walks in and stands shocked. Out of flashback, lawyer asks Gauravi if the girl became hurdle between them. Gauravi says he must be expecting same, Falguni did in the beginning, but after she understood Anujy completely, her love and respect for Anuj increased. Anuj nervously introduces Gauravi to Falguni. Falguni with a grin says she is Anuj’s close friend and walks away saying she is happy for Anuj.

Sangeet ceremony starts. Zenia and Sohrab host the event. Asmi and her friend perform first followed by elder brother and SIL, then Shreya and Aniket’s performance who perform on Punjabi songs and then Shreya’s solo performance on Radha on the dance Anuj nervously informs Gauravi that he wanted to marry Falguni long ago, but it didn’t materialize. Zenia and Sohrab call Anuj and Gauravi on stage next. Anuj nervously stands, Gauravi asks which dance form he knows. He says garba. They both beautifully perform garba on O stunning everyone. Ladies discuss that they are bored of watching performance on Punjabi songs and are happy to see garba today. Anuj dances very energetically syncing with Gauravi’s performance. Falguni records video and shows it to Rishi who as usually fumes on Anuj’s lifestyle and choice. After performance, Gauravi praises Anuj’s performance and says she learnt dance when she was very young at 16. Anuj says even he started working at 16 and didn’t gain any talent. Gauravi says he built a business empire and is supporting so many families, his talent is much bigger. She then asks about Falguni.

Precap: No precap.

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