Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 3rd April 2020 Written Update

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 3rd April 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 3rd April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sherry going to the bathroom and finds the chits on the mirror. She reads it and wakes up Tripura. She asks what is this flowchart on the mirror. Tripura says I have take a decision, Sherry asks what is it? Tripura says this is my life which Mr. Khanna complicated. She says he told Romila that he loves me. She says if it was timepass. He wanted to tell me something, but he didn’t tell anything. She says he can’t love me, never. She comes out of the bathroom. Sherry asks if you love him, as her routine is changed. Tripura says she felt love last night, but she is glad that she is out and tells that it was horrible. She says he gave me ring like handing over the prasad to me. Vishal asks Karan why he didn’t make her wear ring. Karan says it was Appa’s ring and if she had felt like I am her brother then I have to do her kanyadaan. Sherry tells that he must be waiting for the right time. Tripura tells that she asked him if he wants to say something, but he didn’t tell anything. Karan says if she had filed harassment case against him or ask him to say behave. Tripura tells that she can’t compete with the girls who are behind him and tells that she has lost him for forever. He says I can’t lose her. He says I know her very well and she will do it everything perfect. He says I will marry this chic. Sherry says everything will be ok. Tripura cries and says I should have been careful. Just then Anandham comes there and says good morning, says I am leaving for Mumbai. Tripura says can I come with you? He says sure. She goes to get ready and takes out the chits from the mirror.

Radhila looks at the mandap arrangements taking off. Trisha says I will tell Papa myself. Radhika asks which breakfast to order. Trisha calls Prabuddha, but call doesn’t connect. Radhika says he must be driving. Trisha hugs her. Karan asks Pandit ji if the mandap can be there for another day. Pandit says no. Karan says he is not talking about Trisha. He hears Rohan and Trisha talking. Trisha hugs Karan and cries. She tells him that she don’t want to hurt anyone, she wants to see Rohan happy. She says Papa will be very disappointed and tells that even Mamma is not talking to her. Karan says you haven’t done anything wrong and tells that Prabuddha will understand. I will make him understand. He says we have to be selfish when marriage matter comes up, we have to think about ourself first and not our parents, we have to be happy to keep others happy. He says he will talk to both her parents and says he is on her side.

He comes to Tripura and tells that they shall go for a movie. She says lets be professional, three weeks are completed for your detox programme. She asks him to sign on the papers and tells that she is going. He asks her to tell why is she going? he says if you leave and if I started drinking again. She says incase you do that, you can call on the Rehab number and contact us. Anandham comes and takes her stuff. They start walking out. Anandham and Tripura are on the way. He says I love you and you love that Karan Khanna. She asks him not to say that. She says she is running away from her own emotions, restless, conflict and pain. She doesn’t know if she will be able to deal with it. Karan tells Vishal that he is feeling hell and horrible. He says she said yes to Addu, but didn’t say no to me. Vishal says she left with Anandham. Karan says Ravan thought this when he took Sita, but we all know what happened after that. Anandham stops his car and asks her if she wants something to eat. He gets down. The three men are in the bus parked there and get down from the bus. They come to her and apologize to her. She says it is ok. They tell that they want to get photo clicked with her and Karan Khanna. She says she is not with him now. Anandham comes there. They leave from there. Later they see Karan in his car and inform him about seeing Trupura in the dhaba.

Tripura and Anandham are robbed on the way. Even Karan was robbed. The robbers bring Karan to Tripura. Karan tells Anandham that Tripura never got scratched when she was with him. He asks why did she sit? –Tripura asks him to sit. Karan sits. They argue. Anandham tells something in Tamil. Karan says if you sit with someone else then something wrong happens. Anandham argues. Karan tells that Tipsy can talk to goons smilingly because of him. They take her bag. She says it is new. They take Karan’s shoes also and leave them on the road. Anandham asks Karan to be with Tripura and tells that he will go and get help. Karan tells that bird did potty on your shoulder. She cleans it and says she needs water to wash her hand.

Karan tells that it is good luck. She blames him for all the happenings in her life and tells that they took away her bag which she had kept safely since 10 years. He takes the baby teething pacifier and put it in her mouth. He tells that he felt that she is very boring and irritating, but he found her to be someone else, when she is with Amma and others, she is happy. He says when you smile, your face lights up. He says you are right, but I want you to change your opinion for me. He says I want you to be arrogant Tipsy with Anandham. He asks are you understanding what I am saying? She asks him to continue and says she is trying to understand. He says people are like Pizza for me, I just want you. He says I used to think that love is not there, but I just know that if I can’t say about my feelings then I will not be able to breath. He takes the pacifier and takes off its ring. She signs her heart and says I want to marry you. He says I just know that I will always love you. Tripura says I don’t know what is happening, since I know you, you are selfish, misbehaved, opportunistic guy, but you are special. She says I can’t decide. He asks her to say clearly. She says I don’t know what to say. She says when she was checking out of hotel, her heart sinked and tells that she knows why? She tells that she don’t believe this, but she used to hate him, but now…Vishal comes in his car and asks him to come, as something is serious. Karan asks him to wait. Tipsy says lets go. They go to the hospital. Tripura asks Karan not to worry and says everything will be fine.

Trisha runs to Karan and cries hugging him. Karan asks what has happened? Trisha hugs him and cries, saying Papa is no more. Karan is shocked. Nurse brings something and asks Prabuddha ji asked me to give you this. Tripura tries to pacify Radhika. They all watch the video in which Prabuddha is telling Karan that he couldn’t forgive him as he was Radhika’s first husband and Trisha spent first 6 years with you. He says I was in hospital and you stopped Trisha’s marriage there. He says you could understand her problems like a responsible father and bear relatives’ anger. He thanks him and glad that Trisha stopped from doing the mistake. He says even now Radhika react on your sayings. He says I got beautiful 15 years because of you and tells that he is returning Radhika and Trisha to him. He calls him lucky …….. He says I have spoiled them and you will have difficulty to match up to my standards. He asks him to keep them happy. Karan, Tripura, Trisha and Radhika watch the video. Nurse calls Karan to complete the formalities. Karan tells Tripura that he has to go and says sorry. He takes Trisha and Radhika with him.

Season 2: After 3 months.

Tripura is in Vienna and telling that she has completed three things from her to do list, but she is not happy since 3 months. She is wearing the plastic ring which Karan had given her. A man comes to her and says if that guy loves you who gave you plastic ring and asks who is he? Karan says I have searched you, what do you think that I will lose and you will win. He says I have changed because of you, you thought that I will let you go so easily. He says I said I love you already and came to say something else today. Karan realizes he is shooting. Tripura tells that she has blocked his number and now no message comes from him. Vishal gives him phone. Trisha tells him that they are going for dinner. Karan says I will also come and asks her to send the location. He asks Vishal to tell the director. Vishal teases him.

Precap: Sherry calls Tripura to India. Tripura reaches court and gets surprised when Sherry tells her about her marriage plans with Karan..

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