Baarish 5th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 5th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 5th April 2020 Written Episode

Lawyer with his assistant returns to jail to meet Gauravi and tells his assistant that he came here, but he doesn’t know if the girl will tell truth or not. Assistant asks then why did he come here. Lawyer says when the girl speaks about the man/Anuj, he feels love for him in her eyes which shows anyone will fall in boy’s love after spending time with him, though the boy put her in trouble and didn’t even come to meet her; he doesn’t know if their love is so simple. He walks to Gauravi who is sitting in her jail cell and asks if she had food. She says yes and she knows he would say jail life is not easy. He asks what happened after marriage next. She says those 3 months were special for her. She goes into flashback where she does exercise and sleeps on her side of bed while Anuj enjoys watching TV and smiles at her. In the morning, Anuj asks her if he should drop her to office and she says she will go by herself. He says as she wishes and leaves room greeting her Jai Sri Krishna. Aniket and Shreya’s romance continues in their room. Gauravi serves poha to family in breakfast, but Rishi angrily walks away seeing her. Anuj says he likes thepla and asks servant to bring chunda.

Shreya meets her friends and badmouths about her in-laws’ simple lifestyle. 27 days pass on, Anuj and Gauravi enjoy Mumbai’s sight seeing. Aniket and Shreya’s romance continues. Gauravi waits for bus in bus stop when Anuj calls her and picks her up from bus stop. Shreya’s car driver sees Gauravi’s father/baba walking out of building and offers him lift till tea stall. His friend taunt that he took good dowry and he says its his daughter-in-law/DIL’s car and driver came to drop him here, he calls driver and offers him tea and they start chatting with friends. Shreya while getting ready to meet her friend informs her friend about her in-laws’ cheap oily breakfast, etc., walks out and seeing car not in parking lot calls driver and shouts. Driver with baba returns and apologizes Shreya, but Shreya continues yelling at driver and shouting that she pays him salary and he can’t go anywhere without her permission. Baba says its not driver’s mistake, he took him away, but Shreya fires him. Baba requests not to fire poor driver, Shreya agrees and returns to flat fuming. Aniket confronts her for creating issue seeing her father taking her car, Shreya says she didn’t mean that; their argument starts and parents try to calm down Aniket.

Anuj gets ready for office in kurta pajama as usual. Gauravi sees his kurta button broken and fixes it. Mother walks in and feels shy. Anuj nervously says Gauravi ji is fixing button and says he is nervous about client meeting as he needs to give presentation and Rishi is not available. Gauravi insists him to speak in English slowly and expression is more important than words. Mother backs Gauravi. Rishi enters and says she is right. Gauravi says even Rishi ji is convinced. Anuj meets foreign clients and nervously starts his speech in English, but then speaks in Hindi explaining that he couldn’t learn English as he had to take care of his father’s business at an young age and how he scaled up his business, etc. Chinese clients hugs him and speaking in Chinese asks him to mail his presentation and leaves with other clients. Assistant explains that Chinese man is impressed with his speech and wants him to mail presentation. Rishi enters and asks if presentation is over. Anuj says yes and client asked to send presentation. Rishi says they call client here to take their feedback right there as clients usually ignore by asking to send presentation, etc.; he stops Anuj from meeting clients for the same reason, etc., Anuj follows Gauravi’s instructions blindly. Anuj feels sad.

Gauravi calls assistant and asks him to inform Anuj sir to call her back once the meeting finishes. Her friend asks how is her married life going. Gauravi jokes that Anuj Mehta is more romantic than SRK, he prepares her tea early in the morning, etc.. Friend believes her. After returning home, Gauravi walks to Anuj and asks him about meeting. Anuj with sad face says he learnt today that its easy to manufacture and very difficult to sell. He meets Rishi and Falguni who say they will handle business and clients and he need not worry. Gauravi calls him and asks where is he and if he is fine. Falguni speaks and says he is with her a bit stressed, but she will handle him. Out of flashback, lawyer asks if she still thinks she wants to protect Anuj and asks her to sign documents which she signs.

Precap: No precap.

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