Baazigar 15th September 2016 Written Update

Baazigar 15th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Baazigar 15th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aru telling Dadi what happened with Aarav on his 9th birthday, you say you love Aarav and did not see his pain. Dadi says he never told me. Aru asks is this your love that you did not realize anything, where there is love, there is no need to express things. Dadi says Kailash got Parul at home and I thought Aarav is angry seeing that, I did not know sins were happening at home, I tried to explain Kailash, Parul did magic on him. Aru says poor Aarav became prey to Hariram’s lust.

Dadi says Aarav did so bad with you, we also did bad with you, but we could not understand you, forgive me. Dadi cries. Aru asks her not to cry, you are elder, whatever happened, we can’t change, but….. we have to bring out Aarav from this situation. Aarav sits in cupboard and hides face.
Aru asks Dadi will you support me. Dadi says yes. Aru asks Aarav to see who came to meet him, Dadi loves him a lot.

Aarav refuses to come out, and says Kaka will come and catch me, see Dadi is not doing anything. Dadi says forgive me, I did not know this, everyone tortured Aarav a lot. She leaves.

Aru thinks Badri Chacha said right, everyone has two faces in this house, don’t know whose face is dual. Parul pays the lawyer. Lawyer tells his plan and says we will have 50-50 share. She says its big share, what are you doing. He says you can’t do anything without me. She says there are many lawyers in this city. He says other lawyers can go to police and media and tell your truth, you can manage on own. She says its absolutely okay, deal. She holds his hand. She thinks let work happen and then I will think what to do, give money to this lawyer or kill him.

Aru promises Aarav that she will punish everyone, Hariram Kaka, Parul and Padma, I want to get you out of here, no one will trouble you, I will take you far, it will be just you and me. She thinks this promise is not just of your teacher, this promise is of the girl who loved her more than herself. She asks Aarav to come out, nothing will happen. Aarav comes out.

Siddhant and Somit go to find that man. Siddhant says that man did not come out, we will not waste time, and find him. They get inside the place and look for the man. They find the man. Siddhant says this man is one from whom we took poison, he is dead, just he could prove Aru innocent, it means there is someone who wants to prove Aru guilty.

Aru asks Aarav to go to Dadi, it was not Dadi’s fault. Aarav goes to Dadi. He says Hariram Kaka is very bad. She asks why did you not tell me. He says he told me if I tell anyone about this, he will beat me a lot. Dadi cries and hugs him. She asks him to forgive her. Dadi asks Aru will Aarav never get fine and stay of 9 year old. Aru says don’t know Dadi, I can’t say, but I will try to make Aarav fine, I have to meet doctor and take his advice, what can we do in such cases, Dadi I promise I will do anything to make Aarav fine.

Parul gets the goon’s call. Goon says madam, I have run away, but Siddhant caught the other goon, we killed that man. Parul asks him to kill Siddhant. Goon says fine and ends call. Parul says whoever comes in between me and this property will die.

Doctor tells Aru that Aarav has been a victim of physical and emotional abuse, we have to make his fear out, we have to get that servant infront of him, patient will come back in present from past, his memory comes back and he can get normal. Aru asks what if Aarav gets violent seeing Hariram. Doctor says we just have this option. Dadi says Hariram left job many years ago, I don’t know where is he. Aru says we have to find out and make Aarav free of his bitter memories, so that he becomes old Aarav whom I loved, who was your favorite, clean hearted and innocent.

Siddhant catches the goon and asks who told you to kill that man. The other goon shoots him. Siddhant says tell me name fast. Goon says Kailash nath and dies. Siddhant says Kailashnath is dead, why did he take Kailash’s name, maybe he wanted to take someone else’s name, it means even Aru’s life is in danger. Parul thinks I will be sole owner of this house and property, I will rule here. She smiles.

Aarav plays with Dadi. Aru calls someone and asks him does he remember anything. She says there is nothing known, and calls Hariram’s nephew. She asks about Hariram’s address, there is something imp, Kailashnath has left something for him in his will. She notes down address. Aru tells Dadi that she got address. Dadi says he will not come here. Aru says why, he does not know we know truth. Dadi says no, he did big theft in this house and we had beaten him. Aru says he won’t come, we can take Aarav there, its imp to make Aarav meet him. Aarav says Hariram Kaka and gets scared. Aru says you have to meet him once, you beat him a lot, scold him, remember I m always with you, Hariram should get punished.

Dadi says that place is not good, it will be risky for you. Parul tells the goon that Aru and Aarav should not get saved.

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