Baazigar 8th September 2016 Written Update

Baazigar 8th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Baazigar 8th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aru telling a story to Aarav. He asks about his parents, did they not come to meet me, where is Dadi. She says have food first, they are not at home, I will call them. He asks her to call them first. She says finish food first. Siddhant comes. He asks who is this uncle. She says he is our friend. Aarav greets him. Aru feeds food to him. Siddhant signs Aru. Aru asks Aarav to finish food and have toffee.

Siddhant asks Aru don’t you think he is acting. She says no, I don’t think so. He says everyone thinks you are responsible for his state. She says I just tried to know truth of his past, partition fell on him, it was just an accident, I did not do anything. He says everyone thinks you did this for property. She asks is this your doubt. she says I trust you, you can’t
do this. The power goes. Aarav says I m scared, take me out. Aru hugs him. Siddhant lights the flame by lighter. Aru consoles Aarav. Aarav says I m scared of darkness. Power comes. Siddhant goes. Aarav asks Aru not to leave her. She recalls their lovely moments. He asks her promise, don’t leave me. She says yes, I will never leave you. She cries.

Siddhant gets sad recalling Aru with Aarav, and leaves. Later, Aru gets Aarav home. He meets everyone and asks Dadi to get malai kulfi for him. He asks who is this man. Padma says he is my husband. Aarav says he is not my Phupha, he was someone else. Aru asks what are you saying. Padma says Aarav has become kid, he is lying. Aarav says no, Bua used to meet me in hostel with someone else. Radheshyam looks at Padma. Padma says he is saying wrong. Aarav asks where is mum and dad. Rishi says they are not here.

Aru asks do you know where they went, they have gone to get chocolates for you. Aarav asks really, kulfi too. She says yes, kulfi also, come and rest. Siddhant and Awasthi see the live feeds of Trivedi house. Awasthi says so you got servant at your side. Siddhant says I had to, I will get Sahil, but Aru… don’t know whats truth, I have to find it. Awasthi says I know what you are going through, you can’t flow in emotions. He leaves. Aarav plays with Sahil. Aru asks him to play with her. Aarav asks Sahil to kick the ball, you are elder, how can I play with you. She asks Sahil to go.

Siddhant comes and hugs Sahil. Aarav says I want to play with Sahil. Siddhant says Aarav still wants to use your emotions, he is acting to get saved from punishment. She says I know him well, I can know when he is acting and when he is saying true, girl can get cheated in love once, not again and again. Aarav takes gun from Siddhant and says hands up.

Aru and Siddhant ask Aarav to give gun back. Aarav says no and gets away. He asks Sahil to come here. Siddhant says gun is loaded. Aarav says uncle move back, I want to play with Sahil. Aarav falls down and gets hurt. Siddhant gets the gun. He asks Aarav to give his hand. Aarav asks him to go. Aru holds Aarav and asks now are you sure he is acting or not. Sahil says I want to play with Aarav uncle. Siddhant takes Sahil. Aarav cries.

Aru takes him to room and does aid. She says you should have not taken gun, you fell down and got hurt. She says brave people don’t get hurt. She thinks some wounds don’t heal with time, and recalls Aarav’s evil deeds. She thinks who was behind this, who filled hatred in Aarav’s heart.

Padma gets Dadi to the old room and gets the trunk. She shows the special dolls and says these dolls are all of us. Padma says I have seen Aru with these dolls. Aru reads story to Aarav. He says I don’t like fighting, my mum and dad always used to fight always. Aru thinks of his anger. She says yes, even I don’t like fights. Padma says Aru made Aarav 9 year old by doing evil magic. Dadi says yes, you are right, Aru is doing black magic, ho should we save Aarav. Padma says we have to kick out Aru from Aarav’s lie. Dadi agrees to save Aarav.

Aarav says I m happy what happened with Bua, she gives me injection when I cry, I don’t like birthday, he will come. Aru asks who will come. He gets scared and hides under the table.

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