Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 17th March 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 17th March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav saying I think from mind, not heart. Angad jokes. Pihu asks him to change his sense of humour. Prachi comes there and collides with Raghav. She says sorry, I can’t come for dinner. Angad asks when did you guys plan dinner. Pihu says she cancelled the sister date night, let me guess, she has to go on dinner date with Josh. Prachi says no, with family, it will be great if you come. Pihu says sorry, you enjoy with your family and I will enjoy with my family. Prachi says okay and leaves. She talks to Avni on call and fixes the dinner plan. He goes inside the lift. Raghav also walks in. He sees Prachi. Prachi calls to reserve the table. She doesn’t get the reservation. He messages someone to make the reservation for her. She thinks he didn’t forget to smile. He says I have booked the table, enjoy your dinner, I have designed that hotel, it’s a small gift for you. He goes. She gets a file to give to Josh. She calls someone and asks for Josh.

The man says he has gone to resort. She says what’s going on. Monica scolds Lakhan for having salted chips. He says Adi needs rubbish all the time, he doesn’t listen to me. She says have some shame, you aren’t a kid to blame Adi, I will call Brinda. He says don’t call her. She says promise you won’t have junk food. He says okay, I won’t eat it. They laugh. She asks him to call Pihu home. He says she won’t come if I say. She asks then who will explain her. Raghav comes and says sorry, I will come later. They ask him to come. Prachi cries and recalls Josh. She calls the hotel and asks about Josh’s room number. The man says a guest is also there with him, Ratika. She says oh okay, I will come there. She thinks Josh lied to me. Raghav says I don’t want to get involved in your family matter, you talk to Pihu. Monica says Pihu regards you family. Lakhan says what’s it about family, Prachi said you helped her. She says we understand, you helped her because she is Pihu’s sister. She gets Prachi’s call. She asks are you okay. Raghav leaves.

Prachi says Josh doesn’t want to marry me. Monica says your dad and I are with you, nothing is imp than your happiness, don’t take stress. Prachi says Josh is cheating on me, I m going to check. Monica says find out, you go ahead if you want to break this relation, trust is everything in a relation. Lakhan gets angry. Monica says let Prachi handle it. Raghav hears about Prachi and Josh’s marriage. He gets to work. Prachi reaches the hotel. She walks into the room. She sees Josh hugging Ratika. Angad says we will order Sushi today. Pihu says I hate Sushi. He says then Chinese. She says we had it in afternoon. He says we had Raghav’s lecture in afternoon. Raghav asks them to decide what to eat. Pihu asks him what is his choice. Prachi scolds Josh. She says everyone left me, I wanted to have a connection with dad, you and dad were there for me, I loved you and stayed committed, you know how you treat me. She asks him to calm down. She scolds him.

She says I m done with you, I m breaking up with you. She gives the ring to him. Josh says we will call mom and dad, and call off this marriage. Ratika says let me explain, I m a wedding planner, he is chasing me since two weeks, he was calling me, I have a flight at night, he liked this venue and wants the marriage to happen here. Prachi asks are you a wedding planner. Ratika says you believe it or not. Josh asks are you done, lets just call off the wedding, you don’t love me, how did you think that I will cheat you, I hugged her, didn’t you hug anyone to say yes, I was planning your dream wedding, you doubt me, I love you, you said there isn’t love when there is no trust. He goes. She takes the ring and cries. Raghav says Angad is playing safe, he should try new things, it goes same with our designs. Pihu says fine, very well explained, were you talking about food or Prachi. Raghav says I won’t repeat it. Angad jokes. Josh and Prachi come. Josh says I have to discuss some inputs, can we do that. Raghav sees Prachi. Pihu says you said family dinner is there. Raghav says we are going out for dinner, we will talk tomorrow. They leave. Prachi apologizes. Josh says no need to say sorry, else everyone will call me manipulative. She says its my fault. He says no, its my fault, we should take a break, I m tired.

Raghav walks into the rain. Pihu asks why don’t the other person love us. Prachi comes to Raghav.

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