Katha Ankhahee 17th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 17th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Katha works late in office; she keeps checking if Viaan came down or not.

Viaan gets up from his chair, checks time then question himself for being anxious. He sits down to wait a bit or Katha would think different.
Ehasn asks Katha about being in office, he suggests to drop Katha home. She receives Viaan’s call, she asks about the plan. Viaan thought Katha was busty. The plan is still on.
Viaan calls Keith to inform about his writing for a special woman, he wants Keith to compose it. Viaan plans to play it to her over dinner today. Keith praises Viaan for finding himself someone special, he asks Viaan to read his writings to him

Katha waits for Viaan, while doing that she prepares herself, styles jewelry.

Keith loves Viaan’s song, he will compose it immediately. He plays guitar on video call to have Viaan’s consensus. Shamnita knocks on Viaan’s door, she is unable to forgive herself. Viaan requests Shamita to forget that day, he overreacted on something he shouldn’t have. The office is a save place; no one will judge her here. Shamita knows but with that she is aware if the truth, everyone keeps questioning her about it. She requests Viaan to keep her on job while she finds herself another on. Viaan aggress, he will write her a recommendation letter and a message she can forward to others. Shamita owes Viaan a lot, she starts coughing excessively, spills water while doing so. Viaan calls for help but no one was coming, he brings her water himself. When Viaan returns, Shamita question him for sending an inappropriate message. Viaan being clueless questions her. She bursts out the office refusing to accept this beahviour. Ehsan questions her, the entire office gathers around. Shamita tells that she has been bombarded with questions for despite knowing the truth. She tells everyone that Viaan offered her money for a night with him. He is using her. Katha heard her as well. She shows Ehsan Viaan’s message offering her a bad amount of money in exchange for a night. Jenny asks Shamita to talk it out. Katha is shocked. Ehsan requests Shamita to calm down. She knows no one would go against Viaan but she will go to court and media for it. She calls his brother. They employees calm her down. Shamita thought that VIaan understood her situation thus offered her a job. Katha recalls the time it all happened it her. Tears roll down her eyes. Ehsan and Jeetu takes Viaan to his cabin. He keeps looking at Katha.

Ehsan questions Viaan. He has no clue; they were just talking face to face. Ehsan questions, Viaan sent the message she is using against him.

Shamita talks to her colleague, everyone needs to understand that this exploitation is unacceptable. Other colleagues may be victims as well. Katha heard Shamita saying this, she leaves. Ehsan questions, he needs Katha right now. They can solve this issue. Katha wants to be alone for a while.

Jeetu questions Viaan who keeps thinking about Katha.

Shamita threatens to call police. Ehsan tries to talk to her. She wants immediate action, wants a trial on harassment.

PRECAP: Katha remembers the dark night, she never forgot but for time being became less terrifying. Ehsan suggests to offer Shamita money. Viaan stops him from doing so. Neerja talks to Katha, questioning her about VIaan. Farah tells Teeji that time is repeating itself, things will end if Viaan’s innocence is not proven.

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