Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 19th May 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 19th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 19th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pihu getting a call about the govt. officials. The man says I have informed Prachi. Raghav calls Prachi. She doesn’t answer. Pihu says Angad is with Prachi, call him. Angad and Prachi reach the site. Raghav says come back, we got the cheque with the site manager, we went to that man’s house and got Ram and Priya’s pic, something bad is going to happen, get Prachi back. Angad says I will get her. Angad gets shocked and says a pillar fell over Prachi. Raghav is shocked and drops the phone. Monica gets Adi’s call. She asks what, is she okay. She says LK, Prachi met with an accident, a pillar fell on her at the site. Lakhan says I have to go and see her. She says you have to be calm, don’t take stress, Adi, Brinda and Sara are coming, we will go with them, Prachi is a fighter.

Lakhan and Monica leave. The media stops him and asks about using bad quality material. He scolds them. Adi and everyone come. Adi asks the media to leave. Lakhan says take me to Prachi. Raghav and Pihu see Prachi. They worry. Josh comes and asks where is Prachi. He scolds Raghav.

Doctor asks them to sign the consent form. Josh says I m her fiancé, I will sign. Raghav says you forgot, she broke the engagement. Pihu says I m her elder sister, I will sign, get out of here, I will call the police, I don’t find this accident suspicious. Josh argues and goes. Pihu says I don’t think this is an accident, something is wrong. Lakhan and Monica come with everyone. Pihu cries and hugs Sara.

Lakhan says have faith in me, I won’t let anything happen to Prachi, she will be fine. Vikrant and Adi see Raghav crying and console him. They ask him to be positive. Raghav says this happened because of me, she went there because of me, if anything happens to her then…. Raghav asks did LK save Ram and Priya, I doubt Sid, he met some man who had Ram and Priya’s pic, I doubt that Sid is behind Ram and Priya’s death. Adi asks what. Vikrant says you mean someone killed them. Raghav says that man is a supervisor on our site, Sid hired him. Vikrant says govt. recommended him, that man was in police, LK’s best friend is police commissioner, we can find out. Raghav goes. Adi says we have to find out, was that man handling Ram and Priya’s case.

Lakhan and Pihu see Prachi. He says we are family, I care for you and Prachi, you are my brother’s daughters, my blood, no one can change this, Prachi has put efforts to unite us, I will fulfil her wish, I m there. Pihu cries and says we have one thing similar, we love Prachi a lot, we can do anything for her, I m happy you made a start, I will try my best. He says I just wanted to hear this. She says I think she needs your help, stay here, call me if there is anything. She hugs him and thanks him. He says why thanks, we are family, call me. She says I will. He leaves. Pihu talks to Prachi. She says I have to tell you, Raghav loves you a lot, he will beat me if he knows this, get up, he loves you a lot. Angad comes and says we will go out. She refuses. Sid talks to the man and says Lakhan and everyone don’t know that I have killed Ram and Priya. He gets shocked seeing Raghav. Angad argues with Pihu. He says you told me about Raghav, I accepted that you still love Raghav, you couldn’t move on. Prachi hears this.

Raghav says I will kill you. The man attacks Raghav. Prachi asks Josh will he marry her. He agrees.

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