Badi Devrani 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Badi Devrani 31st July 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Badi Devrani 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Reeti says Vibhor that they are already friends as they helped each other in difficult times,Reeti forwards her hand and tells “Lets be friends”,Vibhor tells that easily he will not give his hand to anyone..He tells lets do palm wrestling,Both Vibhor and Reeti do Palm wrestling,Vibhor tells forget it and assume that Reeti won as he cannot see Both drink Coffee Next Morning Reeti calls Vibhor and tells that his result is very bad that he cannot show face to his parents,Reeti says to come home as fast as possible,Prabha makes dishes Ghansham comes and tells that Some special is prepared in happiness of Vibhor result,Reeti comes and tells Prabha not to be angry,,Suddenly Band-Baaja sound comes and Everyone is shocked!!Vibhor comes dancing along with Band-Baaja,,Reeti asks what happened???
Vibhor tells that he passed in “MBA” exam,,Prabha-Ghansham,Daadaji and Daadiji gets happy,,Ghansham and Prabha dance,,Nikonj and kajal whole family dances..Manbhari and Megha also dances..Kaushalya tries to go but Bilashi holds her hand,,Reeti dances very good..Manbhari offers laddo to Bilashi,,He tells he dont want,,Manbhari forcefully puts the laddo in Bilashi’s Mouth and takes out money from his pocket..Bilashi gets angry…Manbhari throws away the money and dances…Bilashi angrily goes outside and sits..One girl comes and tells Bilashi to call Reeti,Bilashi asks why??The girl gives Bilashi Reeti’s mark sheet and tells that she topped in MBA in whole college,,Bilashi is shocked..Bilashi tells that Vibhor also passed..The girl tells Bilashi that her name is Natasha and Reeti completed “MBA”,,Natasha goes Bilashi tells that Reeti is a big player,,He goes inside and sees everyone,,Bilashi holds Kaushalya hands and slowly takes her and dances,,Everyone gets happy and dances..Later Reeti asks Permission From Daadiji to throw a party For Vibhor’s success,,Daadiji tells yes..Ghansham also agrees..Bilashi listens and tells he was waiting for this golden chance to come..Now he will insult Ghansham and his family,,Daadiji,,Daadaji and everyone is happy..Reeti tells Vibhor that she is very happy for the party,,Vibhor tells that first he wanted to invite his on-line teacher..Reeti says that after Party she will reveal Vibhor that she is the online teacher..

Precap::Bilashi hides Reeti’s marks memo in the invitation card.

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