Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th June 2016 Written Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th June 2016 Written Update by H Hasan

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Samaira seeing Rajni in her room and asks how did she get in her room suddenly. She asks if she is hurt? Rajni scans and says I don’t remember. Samaira thinks may be she lost memory as I hit her. She asks her name. Rajni says I don’t know. Samaira asks her to drink water. Rajni says it is not good for me. Samaira says it is good and makes her drink it. Rajni says it is not harmful for me. She says I don’t remember anything. Samaira asks her to remember about her husband or anything. Rajni says new info, I have a husband. Samaira tries to make her remember about their temple meeting and promises to make her meet her husband. She asks her to be with her until she gets her memory back. Rajni says you are good human, and says command accepted. Surili comes and sees
Amrish’s jutis/shoes. She asks him why he is exhibiting them. Amrish says he is thinking to beat Shaan with it. Dhyan says we shall search Rajni. Maggie says we didn’t know where she is lost. Amrish says Dev can tell only where she went missing. Maggie says they are chaddi buddy and Dev will not tell anything.

Surili says she will take out info from Dev. Samaira keeps ice bag on Rajni’s head and thinks Shaan can help her get out of this situation. He calls Shaan, but his number is off. Samaira thinks I should help this girl meet her family. She apologizes to Rajni again and asks do you remember anything. Rajni says no. room service woman comes and asks can I throw this stuff. Samaira says yes. Room service woman puts the tracker in the trash bin and goes to clean the bathroom. Samaira asks Rajni to come and have food. Rajni says she don’t need food and is 89 percent charged. Samaira thinks she is telling this as she is unwell. She asks her to give her company and come with her to have food. Rajni agrees. Samaira asks room service woman to lock the room after cleaning it.

Dev sees Samosa on the floor, and then sees jalebi etc….He says today is party. He sees Amrish and his family standing. Surili says you can eat this food and says this is just starter and main course is on the table. Dev gets happy. Surili says you can eat this, but….Amrish asks him to tell the problem between Shaan and Rajni. Maggie asks what is the matter? Dev says I don’t know. Surili says okay, then we will eat. Dev makes a sad face. Maggie brings samosa and eats it showing him. Sharmila shows him gulab jamun and eats it. Shaguta shows jalebi and eats it. Dev is upset. Dhyan shows dhokla and eats. Amrish brings kachori and eats. Dev asks Amrish to understand him. Surili asks him to hurry up and tell where is Rajni? Dev says understand my problem, I can’t tell before I eat anything. Surili signs Amrish. Amrish throws kachori pieces in his mouth. Dev says Rajni went missing in Mumbai. Amrish says she knows the address then why she didn’t come.

Shaan comes to Samaira’s room and calls her. Room service woman says she went out and says she has just cleaned the room. He asks did you get the spring like phone. She says yes I saw, and gave it to garbage collector. Shaan runs. Dev tells that he doesn’t know beyond it and says if I tell anything then Shaan will kill me. Surili asks Maggie and Sharmila to beat him. Shaan checks the garbage and thinks he is checking tracker in trash. He puts the garbage and checks. Shaguta says only I have the right to kill him legally as he is my legal husband. Amrish asks him to tell and says he is your sister. Amrish puts kachori in his mouth. Dev says Rajni is in a bag and is about to tell the truth, when Shaguta hits on his head and makes him unconscious. Shaan gets the tracker and is happy. He checks the tracker and sees it not working. He throws it and asks how I will search her. He checks at other tracker and thinks he is missing her. He hopes she don’t show her robotic feature in public.

Someone teases Rajni. Rajni hits him. Ballu sees her and asks you are here….Rajni. Rajni looks on.

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