Bani – Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Bani – Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2013 Written Update by anurao

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Dishu and her announcement. The family members are shocked and Amrit’s mother is very happy. The matchmaker tells the name is Parmeet. Sarabhjeet will tell Dishu he wants to talk to her and he goes there.

Jassie will come out and sees Soham and his friend. The friend will ask him what is all this and Jassie will tell that its Bani’s Shagun things.

Soham and Bani will have an eye lock and they will be weaving dreams of their future. Then Jassie and the friend will come out fighting. He lifted something and it fell on Jassie leg.

Then Soham will tell Uncle called me so I came. Now I will come back after he comes.

Sarabhjeet will be scolding Dishu that he does not know anything about family and you want to get Bani married there. She is very adamant and says if it is Zidh then let it be. Then He tells do not run so fast that you have no time for him. Then he tells that I have a boy in mind. Then he tells Soham’s name when she asks. She will not agree and tells I want a NRI ristha. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that you need a good boy not a NRI, he will tell that even he has applied for his Visa. Then she tells even if he gets a Visa what guarantee is that he will be settled.

She will completely refuse Soham. She tells even if he is settled what is the guarantee that he will not come back like Nirveil. She does not want her daughter to suffer after marriage also like she is now.

They all go home. Then Maamiji will tell the other about the boy she had searched and his name is Parmeet and he is settled in London. All are shocked.

Then Sarabhjeet asks Bani where her mother is. Then he tells that I will go and get her and we will eat. Then he goes in and they have a big argument regarding Soham. Dishu will tell categorically tell that if they do not go along with the Parmeet ka Ristha then she will not eat and will not even drink water,

A mild Sarabhjeet will get very angry and tell that you only think of your dreams and not the welfare of your child Tell me what is wrong with Soham. She tells that Soham is not an NRI. And even if he is she will never think about him as a prospective son-in-law.

Bani interrupts the fight and Sarabhjeet goes away from their Dishu is still sitting there and tells she will eat later. She will make up her mind that this time she will have her way only.

They will show the new family each one of the bahu and sons come for Dinner. Then Parmeet’s mother tells that she has got a ristha for Parmeet. Then she tells she likes the girl and then she spoke to Daddu. He said okay. Then they all see the photo of Bani one by one. She tells them that all of you should see the girl and approve of her. Then only will we proceed.

Rajji comes out at night and tries to search for Bani. She will be wondering about what happened to her. Then Dishu will be thinking about what Sarabhjeet told about Bani’s happiness. Then Bani tries to convince her mother to eat. She informs her mother Sarabhjeet has also not eaten. Then she will be wondering what has happened to both her parents.

Then she will send Bani away and will decide that she will not compromise on anything.

Maamiji will tell Dishu that the Girls side have agreed for the Ristha and are coming to see Bani. Then Dishu is very happy.

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