Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th April 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) 30th April 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram stopping his car on Khar Road signal and asks Jhanvi where exactly she lives. He asks her where she lives exactly and he will drop her as she is six month pregnant. Jhanvi says she will take auto and she hesitates. Priya tells Jhanvi that so many people travel by bus, auto and when she have a choice then what is the big deal. Jhanvi tells the address. Ram says thank you. Jhanvi tells them thank you. Ram stop the car outside the building and they recognised that she was the Jhanvi they were looking for. Jhanvi leaves. Priya tells ram that she was the one and we dont know. Ram replies let go and ask her. Priya says may be she will talk to us or no. Ram says she have to tell that she was the witness in the marriage. Priya says many people dont want to be involved.

Jhanvi comes back and ask Priya and Ram to have lunch as it is not good to be hungry in pregnancy. Ram was reluctant but Priya agrees and says we can talk over.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha is wondering when she got married in a mandir. she thinks whatever Khush told was true or not. Mamaji who was sitting there tells her to eat almonds to increase her memory power. Mamaji jokes what will happen when she goes old. Ayesha taunts him that he was beaten up when spying on Ram and Priya. Mamaji laughs and shows her hypnotising stone. Ayesha says what will happen with this?

Mamaji says with this you will hypnotised and starts rotating it. Ayesha says it is nonsense. Mamaji himself was hypnotised but Ayesha ask him to get an information. Saudamini comes there and says she knows what is the connection between her and mandir.

Jhanvi Flat:

Watchman comes to Jhanvi and tells her that she needs to sign on society circular. Jhanvi asks Ram and Priya to go to her flat no. 503. Ram and Priya agrees and leaves. They rang the bell and old lady shouts at Ram and Priya and says this house is mine, go or else I will call the police. Ram says aunty we know that this house is yours but you are not Jhanvi. she says am I telling a lie. Priya says we came with Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there and ask her what happened. She tells her that they are her friends and met in a prenatal class. Old lady says that they came in the morning in search of her. Jhanvi wonders. Priya ask her to relax. Priya says she will explain. They goes inside the flat.

Kapoor Mansion:

Saudamini says she cant tell. Mamaji says if that is the thing, he will turn his face. Ayesha ask her to tell her fast. Saudamini says she cant tell because Ayesha give her promise not to tell her secret to anybody else and not even herself. Ayesha says was i drunk? Saudamini says you called me from the mandir. she says if you die if I break my promise and you die then what will happen, only you have some fashion sense. Ayesha takes the knife and Mamaji covers saudamini and says you cant kill her. Ayesha says she will kill herself and they will be in jail. Saudamini tells about her marriage to Sid. Ayesha is shocked. she asks Mamaji to tell driver to take out the car.

Jhanvi’s flat:

Jhanvi says it is a strange that they gave her lift and she was unaware that they were searching for her. Priya says destiny brought them. she assures that she will witness in court.

Ram calls Vikram and says Jhanvi was ready to testimony in court and she have prove also. she is searching for photos. Old lady says them sorry. Ram says dont say like that. Ram says they are searching on the upper shelf in this state. Jhanvi unable to find the camera and asks aunty ji.

Ram says if they dont get the camera then everything will be spoiled. Priya says think positive. Jhanvi says she left the camera with her husband. she calls her husband and ask him to courier the camera urgently. Priya tells Jhanvi that she will talk with him. Priya says if you could help us with those pictures then we will be greatful. she then smiles and gives the call to Jhanvi.

Priya feels something is strange about jhanvi’s husband. Ram dismiss it. Jhanvi says she will come at 9 pm. She says they are friends. They leaves. Aunty ji is concerned about Jhanvi that she should not trust anybody with this pace. She says it is good naa to make some good friends.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha gets a summon from court that she have to be there in the court. Ayesha tells Mamaji that Ram made the allegations that I took his property. Ayesha says nice plan. Ayesha taunts mamaji. Mamaji says to think what to tell in court. Ayesha is over confident and says no one knows when story turns and until the fight is over defeat will not happen.

Sudhir Home:

Priya and Ram comes there and shipra offers her coconut water. Priya feels nausea and Ram is worried. Ram asks what happened. Shipra says everything is alright. Priya says she vomited but she is fine. Ram says you didn’t eat anything but had tea. shipra says dont worry it happens. doctor comes there and priya says I am your patient. Ram called him without priya’s knowledge. doctor says he will do blood test. Priya says she is fine and pregnant and because of that she vomited. she says my first delivery was normal and i have a daughter. Ram says it is good to be extra careful. Priya thanks doctor for coming. It seems Ram called so many doctors and they comes one by one and Priya is annoyed. Shipra laughs. She thanks all the doctors for coming and sorry for the trouble. Priya yells at Ram that four doctors. Ram says everybody have different speciality. Shipra laughs. Priya is angry. Ram says it is first time for me naa. Shipra says love him. Ram is angry now and Priya says he is doing like pihu. and she informs him that it is her first vomiting. ram says lets celebrate. Priya and shipra hug smilingly.

Jhanvi’s flat:

Ayesha enters her house and says she knows her. she was the witness to her only mistake. she points out to her tummy and says new addition is going to add to her house soon and it is difficult to raise the kids, interms of expenses so she wants to help. she gives her cheque and says she have to do the small favour. she dont have to come in the court. Jhanvi is in thoughts. Ayesha says she will get more money if she dont turn up in court. jhanvi takes the cheque and ayesha leaves.

Outside the Court:

Lawyer tells Ram that photographic proof is important in this case. Rishabh says she will testimony in court. Lawyer asks where is she? Ram says she is seven months pregnant so my wife went to bring her here. Ayesha comes there and says oh important discussion is going on. she says Ram you cant do anything how much you try. and not even God will help you.

Ayesha goes and stands with pandit. Ram notices it and says they are the pandit who work in the mandir. He says it looks like Ayesha bribe them. Ram says it’s over. Vikram says never to lose hope. They enter the court room.

In the Car:

Priya and Neha along with Jhanvi and Priya cares for her a lot. jhanvi is touched and she shows her the cheque given by Ayesha. Neha and Priya is surprised and says she dont leave any stone unturned. Priya says lets see what will happen. Suddenly Jhanvi gets labour pains and Priya and Neha are worried. Neha calls ambulance. Priya informs Ram that Jhanvi got labour pains and they will come late. Episode ends on Ram shocked face.

Ram informs the lawyer that Jhanvi’s labour pain started and Priya took her to hospital. Lawyer says so she will not come here to testimony. Vikram tells the lawyer to think some other way.

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  1. Sonya
    May 01, 19:34 Reply

    Lovely episode. Tense moments – superb acting – can’t wait to see more the next day. Love this serial.

  2. namratha
    May 01, 02:29 Reply

    no co-ordination b/w priya & ram
    ram says 6 month pregnant but priya says 7 month
    i think Ekta is shooting ram &priya separately
    pls,do not do this again

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