Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Update

Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sidhi asks her father that I will not sit in this palanquin at any cost. She leaves from there. All look on.

Sidhi comes to her room and looks out of the window. She sees Shiva and Bai’s car outside. Shiva sits in the car. Bai asks Bhavin and driver to leave the car, they do. Bai asks what happened outside the market? Shiva says you should control Sarkar. The flashback shows the girl hitting Sarkar’s car mistakenly. His goon shouts at the girl. Sarkar comes out and says you didn’t see my car? A man says leave the girl alone. Sarkar shouts at everyone to stay out of it. The girl says to Sarkar but he says you are late, that car is my love and you scratched it so I will scratch you. he grabs her and scratches her hand. She pushes him away. Sarkar grabs her and starts harrassing her. The girl cries and asks for help but nobody comes forward. Sarkar says no one will help you. he takes her dupatta but Shiva comes there and stops him. Sarkar says dont interfere. Shiva says I am requesting to not malign Akka Bai. Sarkar says you are my mother’s servant and you will stop me? Shiva says don’t do it with the girl, she is like Akka Bai’s daughter so I will protect her. He asks his men to take Sarkar away. They take him away. Sarkar angrily drives away. The girl cries. Shiva says sorry to the girl and asks her to go home. The flashback ends. Akka Bai says my enemy is my son. She says we should go to that girl’s house. Shiva says I have handled it, she won’t say anything. Bai smiles and says you are The Shiva, if you were my real son then I would have given my MLA seat to you right now but I can’t because of politics. You should know that my motherly love for you is never less. Shiva smiles. Bai asks him what he would say? Shiva says your words are my command. He smiles and comes out of the car. Sidhi watches him.

Sidhi gets the inspector’s call, he asks if she has decided? Sidhi says yes, I have decided. She ends the call and looks on.

Sagar is calling Sidhi. She comes home. Sagar asks where did she go? Sidhi says I went to meet a friend. He says at this time? It’s late and tomorrow is your mehndi. Masterji comes there and asks him to leave. He goes. Masterji asks what happened? Sidhi hugs him. He asks why you keep getting emotional? Tell me what happened? Sidhi says today I.. I couldn’t call Gaurav that’s why. I will call him again, she leaves. Masterji looks on.

Scene 2
Sidhi comes to her room and says who should I talk to? She calls Gaurav but he can’t hear her. Sidhi says I have to talk to you about something, I went to the police station today… the call ends. Sidhi cries. Gaurav video calls her and says what happened? I have been trying to call you. Sidhi says I try to call you daily. He says liar, I didn’t message you because I wanted to call you. Sidhi says I am serious, I have to talk about something. Gaurav’s mother comes there and says hi to Sidhi, she asks Gaurav to end the call as they have work, Gaurav ends the call. Sidhi sighs and says what should I do?

Scene 2
Sidhi comes to her father. Sidhi says Ayi handles everything so well in this house. Masterji says we support each other that’s why we are life partners. He asks Sidhi to share what she wants to. Sidhi says yes, I wanted to tell you something. She says I have filed a complaint against that guy who harassed the girl. Masterji says Gaurav’s family is coming tomorrow, you should have talked to me first. Sidhi says you had so much work. You told me to not be silent against cruelty so I decided to not be scared, you are my protector. Masterji smiles and hugs her. She asks if she did the right thing? He nods and asks her to go and rest. She leaves. Masterji thinks that Sidhi did the right thing but she chose the wrong time. He sighs.

In the morning, all are preparing for Sidhi’s mehndi. Sidhi is getting her mehndi done. Malini prays for Sidhi. Malini dances with others. Sidhi claps for her. Sidhi is dancing with her friends. A kid tells them that the inlaws have entered the village. Malini asks Sidhi to go inside, you can’t meet Gaurav before the wedding. Sidhi says that’s old-school thinking. Malini asks her to just follow the rituals. Sidhi goes to her room and tries to look at Gaurav from the window. Her friend Akshita tries to stop her but Sidhi says I will hide from him. Gaurav enters Sidhi’s house with his family. Masterji welcomes them. Gaurav looks around for Sidhi. She smiles at him from the window. Akshita says he is handsome. Sidhi smiles. Gaurav’s mother tells Masterji that this village had such bad roads. It’s fine. Gaurav says it’s a nice welcome, we want to have a traditional wedding. I am sure you will enjoy it. They go to the garden.

Sidhi tells Akshita that I will leave this house soon. Akshita asks her to not feel sad.

Malini is welcoming Gaurav but they hear a band playing music. Sidhi says baba wouldn’t arrange this. All are confused. Shiva enters the venue. Sidhi is shocked.

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