Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th August 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th August 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bakool calls Baa. Jigna gives him tiffin and asks him to see in her eyes. Baa gets scared seeing blue eyes. Jigna asks Bakool to come and dip in her blue eyes. Bakool being scared runs away from home. Baa comes and gives Prasad to Jigna. She sees her blue eyes and runs from there. Bakool comes to office. Harry asks what happened? Why he is looking scared. Bakool says naagin is after him. Harry says he is hungry and will have the food. Bakool says you can’t have this food and says Jigna is a icchadhari naagin, and she might have added poison in it. Harry asks what nonsense and opens the tiffin. He eats the kheer. Bakool tells him that he saw Jigna drinking milk with her tongue, running after the rats, and searching mani. Harry is shocked and his hand starts to shake,

and he starts feeling pain in her head. He says you must have told me directly. Dadgu hears him. Bakool asks him to vomit the kheer. Dagdu thinks to tell Ranjeet that Jigna is icchadhari naagin.
Ranjeet asks Sheena to go to nasik to get rid of dosh. Dagdu comes home and tries to recollect what he saw. Ranjeet asks what happened to him, if snake has bitten him. Dagdu says Jigna is a snake. Ranjeet says he will ask Harry to bring Jigna here and tells that now you don’t have to go to nasik. Baa sees same saint/baba and thinks he might have some solution. She says whatever you said was right, my bahu is naagin. He says your problem will be solved and you have to do puja, asks her to give 5000 rs. Baa says she don’t have much cash. He asks for 4 k, 3 k…and so on. Baa says I don’t have. Baba asks her to go and says nothing will happen. Baa says she has just 500. Baba asks her to go home and says he will do puja in evening. Baa says she is scared to go home. He gives her taweez for Baa and Bakool. Bakool comes home with Harry and looks for Jigna. Harry says how did your boss come to know that Jigna is naagin. He brings flute. Bakool plays flute to charm the snake. Jigna thinks Bakool wants her to do naagin dance and dances infront of them. They get scared and run from there.

Sheena says Harry and his wife haven’t come here till now. Bakool comes wearing sehra. Sheena asks why is he hiding his face. Ranjeet asks if your second wife is coming. Bakool says he has just Sheena in his life. He asks her if she wants Jigna to capture him in her naagin eyes. Sheena says no. Bakool calls Harry and asks him to bring Jigna there. Harry says ok and asks Baa to come inside the house.

Jigna tells Baa that she made snake for her. Baa and Harry are shocked. Baa asks her to go back to her village. Jigna says she made snacks for them. They relax. Harry tells Baa that Jigna danced like a naagin. Jigna asks where is Bakool? Harry tells her that Bakool went to attend their boss anniversary, tells that he praised her naagin dance and their boss wants to see her dance. Jigna says she will get scared to dance infront of many people. Baa says we are scared. Harry takes Jigna with him to Sheena’s house.

Baa asks Bakool to get her ancestral necklace repaired. Bakool gives necklace to jeweller. Later He gets Sheena’s call and she tells him that she liked it. Bakool is shocked.

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