Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jigna and Bakool are about to kiss each other. Door bell rings. Bakool goes to check who is on door. Jigna receives Baa’s call and she asks her to do something. Bakool opens the door and finds the man standing. He asks if there are 5 years under kids here. Bakool says he left important work to open the door and asks him to go. Man asks him to tell. Bakool asks him to make him have polio drops and makes the man leave. Sheena talks to someone and thinks she shall make Bakool get confidence. Jigna jumps on the bed. She falls on the bed. Bakool brings ointment and applies on her leg. He consummates marriage with Jigna. In the morning, he gets happy and thinks he finally had pyaar ka laddoo. He gets Sheena’s call and goes there. Sheena gives him example to go to next

level. Bakool says he can’t do it now as he has already done it, thinks he can’t launch another rocket now. Sheena asks him to do yoga. Bakool thinks he can’t have rasmalai now after having pyaar ka laddoo. He runs away.
Baa comes home and tells Jigna that she is waiting for the good news. She asks if they had made love. Jigna says yes, and says you didn’t tell that it was so enjoyable.

Bakool comes to Ranjeet’s house. Ranjeet makes him have kheer. Dadgu says something is mixed in it. Bakool gets tensed. Ranjeet makes him have everything and asks him to go to room. Ranjeet touches Dagdu. Dagdu thinks kheer is exchanged and he ate that medicine. Bakool comes to Sheena’s room and sees her dancing on a sensuous song. He holds her and they lie down on the bed. They consummate their marriage. Later at home, Bakool asks Jigna to serve him food. Jigna asks him when he will have pyaar ka laddoo. Bakool says once Baa goes, I will make you have it. Jigna says I will ask Baa when she will go. Sheena calls him and asks him to come and have ras malai. Bakool thinks he is sandwiched between two wives.

Bakool calls Jigna and asks for his tiffin. Baa comes applying face pack. Bakool gets scared. Baa says it is a face pack. Jigna brings dhoti and kurta and asks Bakool to wear it to become crorepati. He refuses and runs out. Bakool says if you don’t wear it, then some accident can happen with you. Just then someone is about to hit Bakool, Jigna says oh maadi re….and tells him that Guru ji’s words came true. Bakool says he will not wear the dhoti. Jigna says oh maadi re. Baa asks him to become villager and says if Jigna’s talks came true then you will become crorepati. Bakool says he can’t be like villager. Baa says I will make you villager, you just get ready to become villager.

Precap: Bakool collides with someone. Later he comes to Sheena’s house wearing dhoti and sees the same woman there. Ranjeet introduces him as Servant of Sheena’s husband.

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