Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika suggesting that they shall keep the engagement tomorrow so that incomplete work gets completed and Bhaiya also gets happy. Gurumaa says let Lakshmi come, we will take her suggestion and tells Govind that it is a good idea. Lakshmi brings her son and tells that until he gets fine, we will not talk about engagement in this house. She asks her son to sit and says she made food with her hand. She shows the dishes which she made for him. She serves the food in his plate and asks him to have it. Shiv’s brother takes roti in his hand, puts the vegetable in it and goes to sit on floor and eats like he was hungry since years. Gurumaa makes faces. Lakshmi goes to him and says I will make you eat with my hand. He brushes off her hand and coughs. Aastha gives water.

He drinks it. Govind says she is Aastha, Shiv’s wife. Lakshmi says she is your bhabhi, Shiv’s wife. Radhika says I am this house to be bahu. Shiv’s brother gets up and goes. Lakshmi tells Govind that she will be back. Radhika thinks she will see until when he stops her engagement. Shivs brother is in his room, when sunlight falls on him through the window. He gets up and shouts. He hides behind the cupboard and hurts himself. He pushes the cupboard to cover the window. Aastha and Balwan comes there. He pushes Aastha and runs.
Aastha gets up and follows him. He comes out keeping hand on his face and sits down scared. Aastha comes near him and says fear is not bad, as it alerts us from all danger. She says I know you stayed in darkness till now, light scares you, but it gives us hope, new life and strength. It will never hurt you and asks him to accept the light and asks him to come with her. She takes him out and asks him to open his eyes. He opens his eyes and faces the light, see plants etc. Shiv comes and smiles. Aastha also smiles. Shiv comes to him and says I am searching for you, and asks him to come.

Later Shiv brings suit for him and says if you wear it then will look handsome. Aastha brings mirror and says first show him mirror, then only he will know that that he will good look. Shiv shows him in mirror. His brother gets angry seeing their resembles. Shiv asks what happened, you will look good in suit. Shiv’s brother breaks the mirror in anger. Shiv asks what happened? Aastha says it seems he don’t it like he don’t like light. Shiv says ok, take your time whenever you want, you can come out. He asks Aastha to come. Shiv’s brother sits down on floor.

Jaya and Janki come to him. Jaya says we have understood why did you break the mirror. Janki says we have a solution and asks him to apply cream on his face to get complexion like her. Jaya says are you mad, his complexion is not like you. Jaya shows powder, foundation and asks him to apply. She praises herself and says nobody can tell my age. Janki says you have become old and says this complexion can be hidden and can be removed. She asks him to apply. Jaya asks him to apply whatever he wants and goes. He hears Janki and Jaya saying that their respect will be saved a bit.

Lakshmi tells Govind that she is happy that their son is starting a new life and waits for him. Govind asks where is he? Jaya tells Janki that storm will come with him. Lakshmi asks Shiv to bring him. Shiv says he will bring. Janki laughs seeing his face badly. Janki says he got some color. Janki says everyone will laugh now. Radhika tells Gurumaa that drama will happen now. Govind says he must don’t know how much to apply. Gurumaa asks them not to scold him and says he is innocent, asks him to come and says I will wipe your face. Lakshmi says her mum is alive and will clean his face. Jaya compares Shiv and him and says it is good that we didn’t call anyone from outside, else we would have been embarrassed. Janki says everyone would have laughed at him. Govind scolds Jaya and says he was away from us since 25 years and don’t know about the things. Lakshmi says now we are all one family. She tries to clean his face with her saree pallu. He stops her.

Shiv’s brother says my mother who had given me birth, but couldn’t taken care of me. He says you couldn’t give name to my relation, asks if she didn’t feel that he is caged in the secret chamber. He shouts why, and says you haven’t given me birth, but given me life imprisonment. Lakshmi cries.

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