Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harry laughing knowing Bakool is going to marry Buffalo. He says you will get popular. Bakool says Jigna has gone mad. Harry asks him to marry to keep evil eye from her. Dagdu hears him and rushes back home. He tells Sheena that Bakool is remarrying. Sheena comes to office and sees Bakool seeing pics. She is shocked and comes to Ranjeet asking if second marriage is good. Ranjeet thinks she is talking about his marriage and tells that it is good to have a baby. Sheena says I didn’t know your thinking is cheap and goes. She thinks she will divorce Bakool before he remarries.

Baa shows pic to bakool and says I will make you talk to Basanti. Bakool refuses. Jigna says if we know about its qualities then it will be good. Jigna says I can hear your scolding, but

Basanti will not. They drag Bakool to show the buffalo. Milkman says she is young and beautiful. Milk man asks Bakool to someone to her. Milk man asks him not to stare it. Baa and Jigna ask questions. Buffalo makes sound. Baa says we will not get bahu better than it.
Sheena tells her friend that her father is justifying Bakool for second marriage. Lawyer comes there and introduces himself. He gets his wife’s call and asks her to go back to her mayka for 12 years.. He asks what is your problem. Sheena says she wants to divorce her husband. Lawyer says you are great and asks her to stick to her decision.

Bakool shows girls’ pic to Ranjeet. Ranjeet says he wants girl elder than Sheena and goes. Sheena hears Bakool repeating same words and thinks Bakool thinks her immature. Jigna applies haldi to Bakool and starts dancing on the song saiyya. Baa comes there and dances on the song Banno Tera Swagger…..Bakool gets up to go. Jigna asks him to sit and jokes. Bakool asks her to go. Jigna asks him to drink cold and become cold. She says this is your saas’ milk. Baa says this is Sheela’s milk and says you had drank Sheela’s mum milk and became healthy. Jigna says she is thinking to keep buffalo at home. Bakool imagines and shouts.

Bakool gets call on phone and tells Harry that everyone is asking him how is he feeling to get married to buffalo. Harry teases him. Jigna comes there. Bakool asks what you are doing here. Jigna says paneer sweets came from your sasural. Harry says there will be no deficit of milk now. Ranjeet comes hearing about Vishnu’s marriage. Jigna invites him for marriage and goes. Ranjeet is surprised. Harry tells that it is ritual at their home that first wife invite the guests. Jigna comes to Sheena and invites her for Vishnu ji’s marriage. Sheena talks to lawyer. She sees Jigna and says even your husband is marrying. Jigna says she has selected his bride for her own betterment. Sheena asks what is wrong with you. Jigna praises Basanti and tells that it have a tail. Sheena laughs. Jigna says she got dream and that’s why getting her husband married to a buffalo. She suggest same thing. Sheena says she will not leave her baby.

Bakool gets married to Basanti, the buffalo. Harry says congratulation brother. Bakool sees Sheena coming there and makes Harry stand with garland.

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