Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 15th May 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 15th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Angoori doing havan. Panditji says we have done first vidhi for second we need to feed your husband qnd then pooja will be sampanna. Angoori says agreed but Tiwari should come home first.
Tiwari has food at Teeka and Tillu’s new stall. Vibhu says to him, you are eating as if someone is going to steal it. Tiwari says agreed but this is so spicy and delicious. Tiwari praises Teeka and says if I had met you before Angoori and as a woman I would have married you, I don’t like Angoori’s food in front of yours. Vibhu hits Tiwari and says how could you compare bhabhiji to someone, I hate you. Teeka says you are insulting me Vibhu and pay first if you want to. Prem says he doesn’t have money, anyways Vibhu come with me to my friends birthday party we are having alcohol party. Vibhu says I have to go wity Anu. Prem says but her party won’t have alcohol. Vibhu says I won’t go lets go to your friends and tell your friend that I won’t come.

Tiwari goes home. Angoori asks him that have bhog food. Panditji asks him to take blessings. Tiwari takes blessings and burps on Panditji. Panditji says you are garlic and onion and ruined the whole pooja. Panditji gets angry and says to Angoori that he has eaten at Teeka and Tillu’s store. Angoori gets upset and says to Tiwari didn’t I tell you to come empty stomach. Tiwari says they forced me to taste food at their stall and so I ate some. Panditji gets upset and leaves.

David on call flirting, Anu walks to him and says how many will you call now. David asks what is wrong with you. Anu says I am being felicitated today but your Nephew isnt home yet.
Vibhu gets home drunk. David helps him sit down. Anu asks Vibhu, has he started drinking in the morning too now and did he forget about the award ceremony. Vibhu says I am sorry. Anu says you promised and I told you a weak back. Vibhu says I promised I will come. Anu says not in this state and asks David will he come. David says yes. Anu asks him to get ready.

Rhusa praises Teeka and Tillu. Rhusa says to Teeka she is a fan of him now and feels like kissing his hand. Teeka gives his hand.
Teeka and Tillu start dreaming of singing and dancing with Rhusa at Rajma stall on Bhojpuri song.
Teeka kisses Prem by mistake and Tillu kisses Gupta. Teeka and Tillu ask where is Rhusa. Gupta says she left long back. Teeka says it was such a beautiful dream.

Tiwari calls Angoori, Angoori throws utensils at him, ignores him and leaves. Tiwari asks her to forgive him and not be upset. Angoori says I had informed you but still you ruined whole pooja. Tiwari says I am in a romantic mood come lets spend some time. Angoori says go to Teeka and Tillu’s stall and hug them, kiss them. Tiwari says cmon I agree I made a mistake. Angoori says you ruined my pooja and don’t expect anything from me, this time you broke my heart. Tiwari says I agree I made a huge mistake and won’t repeat it again, I promise I will take care of things. Angoori says swear on God. Tiwari takes a oath that he won’t do anything that will break Angoori’s heart. Angoori says good and now as punishment sleep in the hall.

Anu on call with Meenal and says I feel ao appreciated today after receiving this award and thankyou for being there for me and I hope my husband was supportive too. Vibhu apologize to Anu. Anu says this is too much. Vibhu says you value a lot to me, you are my everything. Anu says shutup, if you valued me you wouldn’t have done this. Vibhu says Prem kidnapped me and took me to party and forced me to have alcohol. Anu says I feel like slapping you right now. Vibhu says I promise I wilo fix this mistake. Anu says its upto you, if you want Prem more un your life we better separate think about it because its clear my happiness doesn’t matter, you can have all moments with him. Vibhu says I can’t even sleeping with him, he snores so funny and look I am sorry I promise I will do as you say and wouldn’t do anything that will hurt you, I promise.

Precap: Anu and Angoori meet a woman and tell her their husbands have promised but they don’t trust them. She asks them to test their husbands.
Anu in kitchen asks Angoori what has she planned. Angoori says I am going to ruin his fav rajma masala dish. Tiwari has ir and finds its very spicy.
Anu makes food for Vibhu, Vibhu tastes it.

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