Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 15th May 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 15th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 15th May 2023 Written Episode

In this episode, Karuna stops Jijabai from entering her home. Jijabai demands Karuna to move aside. Karuna questions Jijabai for not treating Ramji like a husband, thus he refuses to go with her today. Jijabai wants Karuna to behave like a daughter in law and nothing more. Karuna asks Jijabai to return home, she doesn’t like arguing with Jijabai as well. Jijabai had enough, she fights Karuna to give her space by Karuna fights back equally. Karuna has given Jijabai the respect she deserves but not anymore, she isn’t Rama or Lakshmi who wont cross their limits. She challenges Jijabai to take Ramji, they fight. Ramji wants to stop this but Bala refuses. Ramji questions, they don’t have ruin their lives with Jijabai. Bala tells that Karuna will handle. Ramji tells that Jijabai will do anything; Bala wants to see.

Karuna asks Jijabai to leave. Jijabai tells her to see how she will bring Ramji outside herself. Jijabai will come back in a while. Karuna goes back to Ramji and Bala. Ramji asks her not to worry about herself. Karuna will face Jijabai herself. Ramji requests her to understand. Bala tells Ramji that Karuna can do anything as well, if she can make Bala leave alcohol than it means that she is capable of anything.

Jijabai rushes into the chawl and straight into her house. Everyone wonders. Meera asks Bhim Rao to focus on his studies. Shoba wants to see Bhim Rao and study; it motivates her to make Deepak like him as well. Phuliya asks Daliya to buy vegetables for her in case she doesn’t return home on time, she is leaving to get clothes. Hitesh questions her for bothering since she hasn’t got any clothes till now. Phuliya wants to give up but seeing Rama and Lakshmi gives her hope. Janardan taunts, says that Rama at least wins. Rama assures that Phuliya will win, and they will celebrate it. Jijabai asks her to celebrate one more thing, which is Jijabai’s death after putting herself on fire. Meera questions her for saying so. Bhim Rao wants to know what happened, because they had found Ramji, he asks if Bala said something. Jijabai tells everyone that Karuna refused to let her enter the house or let her meet Ramji. Bhim Rao tells that this kerosene oil won’t help. Rama and Lakshmi step forward to help and talk to Karuna. Jijabai refused to let anyone help, she would either bring Ramji herself or die instead. Rama and Lakshmi have fought battles for their husbands. She wants everyone to know that Jijabai is the best warrior, she reminds everyone to stay behind. Jijabai leaves. Anand wanted Bhim Rao not to tell Jijabai about Ramji because of this. Hitesh told that Bhim Rao didn’t want to avoid the drama.

Vaipal informs Vaijanth and Shishupal about Jijabai’s action. Vaijnath loves it, sends Vaipal to go after her with fire. Shishupal questions, Jijabai didn’t ask for it. Vaijnath wants someone to burn, whether it be Jijabai or Karuna, the opportunity to must not be missed.

Bhim Rao wants to see, Daliya stops him. Bhim Rao wants to keep his values alive. Shoba and Meera know that Jijabai won’t do anything to hurt herself. Bhim Rao worried about others; Rama asks him to leave. Meera asks if Rama wont leave. Rama knows that nothing will happen on Bhim Rao’s account. Lakshmi assures that nothing will happen, sends Phuliya to work. Janardan and Hitesh laugh saying that Phuliya wont be able to do anything as well.

Nandu drag Maloji out of the chawl questioning for living apart his brother. Maloji refuses to be with his brother, he is in the chawl for Bhim Rao. Maloji was brought by Bhim Rao and won’t leave him now, he tells Nandu that there is nothing between them to live like brothers again. Nandu asks Maloji to learn something form Bhim Rao, how he forgives others. Maloji is not Bhim Rao. Nandu gives him an ultimatum of two days, to ether live like brothers or he would leave Bombay. Nandu leaves. Bhim Rao and Maloji leave to stop Jijabai.

Jijabai calls Karuna out, informs her that she would burn herself outside this house. Ramji gets worried, Bala stops him. Ramji insists, Bala is sure that Karuna will handle it. Vaipal sees Jijabai covering herself with kerosene. Vaipal goes to Jijabai offering her a fire log to tell everyone that Jijabai does what she says. Karuna will come in a while. Vaipal asks Jijabai not to give up, she can not lower herself in front of everyone. Bala asks Ramji to handle this situation. Karuna wants them to trust her. Ramji calls Jijabai a mad woman. Karuna goes out with a can of oil in her hand as well.

Maloji asks Bhim Rao why she cares about Jijabai. Bhim Rao is worried about her life; she has the right to live. Maloji can never be like Bhim Rao to love someone who hates him.
Jijabai asks Karuna if she would come out. Karuna covers herself in kerosene as well. Ramji request Bala to let him go, Jijabai would do anything. Ramji goes out questioning Jijabai. Karna holds a fire log in her hand threatening to burn herself as well.

The Episode Ends

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